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>> 27 February 2011

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I'm concerned...

>> 28 September 2010

REALTORS...Either you are willing or not... if you are not willing...the GET OUT NOW...Go down to MACY's or MC Donalds and fill out an application....keep your day job.. or decide to get willing and SHOW me by your massive daily action...that you really are willing. What will ignoring the truth cost you?


Mediocre? FLUSH that!

>> 06 July 2010


of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate.
rather poor or inferior.

It's not that you wouldn't succeed without a coach, IS, that without a good will leave even greater levels of success on the table...lost opportunity income wasted.

Leaving money I'm capable of earning...leaving the life I am capbable of living...on the table..FRANKLY, isn't an option for it for you? 

Hire a good coach and commit to the relationship and process...and know that it is worth every penny.


...Or maybe, you are just making excuses?

>> 29 June 2010


Bob Newhart-Stop It!!

>> 14 June 2010

yep...this is pretty much the answer to MOST of what bugs the hell out of you.


call notes from a group session done on a pc tablet.

>> 10 June 2010

practicing with the pc tablet...takes some getting used to. but not bad....

still there is nothing like the pen on the natural fibers of paper.  this is micro movement, and working at the wall, is working in the whole body.

this method could be great for go to meetings and group web conferences where notes can be immediately distributed. 

yep...still gotta practice my lettering.

PS...the thinking is ultimately Coach to the BE of a being....interrogate the reality of the beliefs....adjust the beliefs and the do and have will follow.

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Graphic Coaching...the beginnings....

>> 09 June 2010

Well, here it is. At home, in my art first inspired wall chart. This is a personal chart inspired on Monday morning by reading this from The Chopra Center April Newsletter. 

Below are a few notes about the chart and then a few notes about what I learned about technique as I completed the work. 

Dare to dream has always been a personal mantra of mine so the core word DREAM really popped out when I read the newspaper.  As I saw each of the subtitles. DIGEST, REST, EXERCISE, AWAKEN and MEDITATE...I KNEW I had to draw what flashed before my mind. 

I centered it around an image of the 2nd chakra:
The Sanskrit name for the 2nd chakra is "Svadhisthana." This word means "dwelling place of the Self."
I am generally open here and resonate with the image and the concept. The emotion associated with the 2nd chakra is passion & the element for the 2nd chakra is water.  Yep...that pretty much sums me up. 

I found the E for exercise the most difficult section because for now it feels lost in my life.  I have every intention to re-root myself here and thus chose the brown colors for grounding.  STRETCH  &  BREATHE are my starting points in the journey. 

Regarding Technique:  
  • I will always remember my early work for the dimples caused by the uneven wall I am working on right now (gotta get to home depot and buy and 8x4 foam core board). 
  • I can also tell that some markers I like better than others (they tend to be the ones that bleed through and have 2 edges instead of 3).  I will practice my lettering to become more consistent with the density of my lines and letters.
  •  For getting low, and staying in my body, I sat on a exercise ball.  I did find that this let me get low, stay with my core and body to the area where I was working and it allowed for a natural movement better than me shuffling across the floor.  
  •  My floor- HA!...the poor beige carpet.  I've dropped a few markers, and the chalk dust is everywhere.  Sorry honey, I guess I'll get a little mini vac for my 4th beroom-turned-art-coaching-studio.  
In all...I'm in heaven.  When I started this Monday, I hooked up a USTREAM session (there are a few boring videos of the process..bad sound and apparently I couldn't be bothered to dress up or make up my face for the camera).   Today even, on a group call I used the wall and did some graphic facilitation of our topic via the web with large chart paper on the wall.  That is a whole new area...actually using this live with my clients...and the feedback from them was great.  They loved the visual tools...and so did I.  


Here's to the Crazy Ones..

>> 16 April 2010


No body is going to hit as hard as life...Im gonna show you how great I am!

>> 10 April 2010

Can you claim this passion....can you believe this about yourself? I know you can if you choose go do it nwo. YOU are POWERFUL Beyond Measure. (thanks to the AWESOME Marc Leonard for sharing)




>> 09 April 2010

When viewing these videos, what characteristics do you see GREAT coaches have?;

coaches...and teammates: