it is about the way we think part 1

>> 16 February 2010

We've often heard that mindset is 98% of success. That term MINDSET has seemed to become watered down over time and I've been considering on a deeper level, what effect our thinking has on us. On page 17 of David Rock's book, Quiet Leadership, He says this:

"As a leader who wants to improve other people's performance, it's going to be useful to be able to influence the way people perceive the world."

It then goes on to say, 
"This is a new art for most leaders, one that requires the development of new muscles." 
Interestingly we are working to develop mew muscles in our clients...and yet it is crucial that we "WORK OUT" own thinking muscles. 

Take a moment to think about the single most automatic & mind consuming thought you have had today.  Once you have it identified , ask yourself these questions: 
  1. Does this thought move you forward or hold you back?
  2. Does this thought consider possibilities or does it highlight and re-emphasize problems?
  3. What kind of energy does this thought create in your mind? In your body?
Tell me a little about what you learn about your own thinking just by answering these few questions....
leave a comment...I'd love to hear.

also....more to come on the concept of being a QUIET whose work is behind the scenes..