My List for the day.

>> 25 November 2009

i've been enjoying the fruits of a gratitude centered life lately. it is like the balm that heals everything. it is the magic potion that creates deep satisfaction and joy.
here is my list for today:

  1. and
  2. doing exactly what I want professionally
  3. doors of opportunity opening left and right
  4. my sister Courtney's writing and her ABC exercise for writers block
  5. verbs (hint--use more and watch what happens)
  6. the jacuzzi hot tub
  7. my husbands seasonal beard and glasses
  8. abundance flowing freely and often
  9. markers, books and paper
  10. old blog posts and journal entries that are completely relevant today-timeless really.
  11. hank moody
  12. close to debt free---wheeeeeeeeee
  13. For finding Christina Merkley and Graphical Coaching concepts in April 09. -specifically drawing affirmations and focus wheels.
  14. chuck taylors on my feet : all star slips baby!
  15. french manicures done at home
  16. motivated, engaged and committed coaching clients

PS...this is normally posted on crowscaw....and I serendipitously started it on the couch...and so on the couch it will be posted as there are no mistakes!


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