You are a MAGNET --are you attracting cruddy stuff?

>> 09 June 2009

I'm reminded today about the always present law of attraction. I'm also thankful for the leaders in my life that have pushed me to eliminate limiting beliefs and pay attention to what I attract. Also those that help me with not only mental means of refocusing the energy in my body and mind, but with the physical ways. So before I begin: gratitude for Dianna Kokoszka and MAPS, Tony Robbins (breathe in your heart), Christina Merkley (the process of mapping it out visually), Brian Tracy, and for the many coaches I have worked with. Here is your Magnet: All those little black filaments are the dust and muck and crap you have been attracting. What is the cruddy stuff in your life. Think about today: What is the PRIMARY thought that has gone through your head? Is it one that moves your forward or one that holds you back. Is it one that cleanses your heart or one that weighs it down?

We can easily become consumed with focusing on exactly what we do not want to happen....and the energy of that focus somehow leads us to the EXACT experience we were trying to avoid. Many times the path to what we it a feeling, or a thing, an accomplishment, or experience, and event, a relationship etc...comes only after truly clarifying the END and working backwards.

What exactly is it that you DO want? Use juicy words and pictures....describe it in detail and then visualize it. See it. Feel it. Taste it. Visualize and imagine it as ALREADY in existence. Consider the feelings you are looking forward to having....what thoughts got you to where you wanted to be? Think about the steps that without a doubt in your mind will lead you to the place/thing/experience you want to be/do/have. Get over the limits you think are in your way right now. If it were to happen....HOW would it happen. Write it down. See your self kicking right through-- or side stepping any obstacle that gets in your way. MAKE NO EXCUSES. Brian Tracy says that if ANYONE has done it in-spite of the excuse you just created....then the excuse doesn't exist...and it certainly isn't valid.

Visualize your desired outcome. See it and breathe into it. All of this creates a mind space for your goal. It clears the magnet of your being free of the gritty crud and begins to attract the things you want and the ways to be/do
/have beyond your belief.

I'm getting better at focusing on the things I do want to happen. Clients are coming to me, my houses are selling, my deals are working, money is coming from all directions, I'm focusing on the stuff I want, and feeling the feelings I enjoy having, my life is happening EXACTLY as I want it to. And I want this for you too.

All of these concepts are not new..and I'm glad to be reminded of them. Christina Merkley via Abraham Hicks was the source of the magnet image and creating the attraction map and doing a focus wheel: Here is my focus wheel from a few months ago and I'm working on a new attraction map and will post soon. Just get what you focus on. What are you focusing on? Is that what you WANT? if not...then change your focus!


Allison Crow Flanigin 9:20 AM  

Here's the cool part: I am living this EXACT Focus Wheel TODAY...6 months after doing it!