Coaching with images and pictures

>> 17 June 2009

Been doing some doodling of coaching calls lately...and just did a chart for the upcoming MAPS BOLD class.

I've been drawing my affirmations lately--mostly to connect with them more deeply....and to be able to look at them and recall the emotions of them in a moment when I need them. I've even taken a few clients through a visual coaching exercise with their affirmations.
I'm an early student of this style of coaching and yet, when I first was exposed to it, my spirit recognized it.

On a personal note, I did some self work and realized that for some time, an artistic side of me has been waiting for me because a while back I set it aside to pursue other things. After taking notes, I turned my notes into the image of my angel-ness.

In this world of media and information, technology, more information....everything we are inundated with seems to pile on my brain. I find that being a visual thinker my brain start experiencing just fast flashes of information. This process helps me pull the important content out from all the noise. If the noise gets to loud, I can purposefully draw what I intend to focus on and so the process starts. My question for you is.....what images do you see when you think? What are the pictures that come to your mind when you are structuring your day, or your week or even your life? Are you focusing on thoughts and images that move you forward, or images and thoughts that hold you back? If you could draw exactly what you wanted to focus on, what would you put on the paper?


CoachWhittaker 2:44 PM  


This is nothing short of brilliant. I am a huge fan of positive visualization. I am a BIG believer in using vision boards too, whether they are drawn or created with photos and other images. I took a class to learn to "read" a person's vision board. There is a lot you can tell from the use of color, placement, and space--beyond just the chosen images. I recommend clients re-create their boards every 6-12 months. With practice most begin achieving their goals faster and thus need to make ew boards more often.
I love the facet you have developed from this. Thanks for sharing. When we meet, I would love to share some of the guided visualizations I do with my clients.
See you soon!
Dana Whittaker

Allison Crow Flanigin 6:21 PM  

Thanks Dana. I've been doing some Memory Maps and some Dream Maps for people. The memory maps make great gifts...and well the dream maps...they help a person follow the visual path of EXACTLY what they want to happen and are loaded with images and affirmations. I'm growing everyday in my coaching thanks to my clients and my many mentors and coaches.

I can't wait to collaborate with you.