Are you Interested or Committed?

>> 16 June 2009

Today on the Couch...we welcome a post from Keller Williams Productivity Coach and ray of sunshine, Monique van Grinsven of White Plains, NW.

Is there a difference between being interested and feeling committed?

Yes. In my opinion, there are lots of things you can be interested in but there are just a few you can be committed to. I am interested in many things but I am truly committed to just a handful. And I devote the time to fulfill those commitments.
I am committed to exercising every single day and will schedule time to do it. I have done it all my life and it became a habit just like brushing my teeth several times a day and spending time with my family. Getting out this newsletter is a commitment, as is my job. I am mindful about what I do in the office every day. I get numerous interruptions which is fine most of the time. When I need to focus on just one thing or person, I shut off my phone and computer and close my door because it is essential that I can't be interrupted. I put everything on hold and instead focus on the person or the project I am working on for the time I allotted to it. I basically shut out the outside world in order to listen, think, brainstorm or whatever it takes to concentrate on the task in front of me.

How do you commit to the task on hand? How good are you at time blocking, organizing your to-do list and actually accomplishing what's on it? Are you just interested or are you committed to get the job done? Do you feel resistance when you start working on your list? If so, do you know why you feel that the list unrealistic and looking like you are climbing Mt. Everest without having mastered the little hills first? Are you guilty of letting the computer, an e-mail or an incoming call distract you when you should be committed to a specific task? Here is a suggestion: How about you commit to a small amount of time where you take action without distraction... one step at a time?

Take running a Marathon as an is not possible to do that without taking that initial step first and then committing to a foot, a yard and then a mile at a time. If you truly want to run the 26 plus miles or that half marathon, you fire up your program and add a little more distance each time you run. You find that it gets easier after each mile and soon running becomes a habit and little by little you have gotten strong enough to run for miles. The momentum will carry you to accomplish your goal, to go on and to experience that incredible moment when you cross that finish line. You earned that medal and all the feelings of victory that come with that! Same with lead generating or accomplishing a task....set a goal, start small, commit, make a deal with yourself, get excited, take action and make it a habit let the momentum carry you! Enjoy the journey and keep in mind what it will do for your future, how it will affect your life simply by adding just one new client or accomplishment at a time. Then reward yourself and pat yourself on the back after each little step because you did it... You earned feels GOOD!

I reward myself by going walking. I love going outside and surrounding myself with nature's beauty. I breathe in the fresh air, cherish the color of the sky at sunset, listen to the sounds of nature and feel the wind and sun caressing my skin. I get spiritually, mentally and physically inspired and recharged to accomplish the things I set out to do today and tomorrow.

If motivation is your problem, commit yourself to taking baby steps and tell your family, a friend or me, your coach, about the commitment you made to yourself....then hold yourself accountable by reporting to them and me regularly on what you did, or did not do. Even if you failed, learn from it and take another step today and another one tomorrow and before you know it, everything will begin to flow. Then, you will truly know the difference between being just interested and feeling fully committed.

Done with my newsletter, it's time for a walk!