>> 26 May 2009

Seriously.....every excuse in the book. I know because I made them too.

TO what level are you willing to actually invest in yourself to grow? Are you willing to invest the time? Are you willing to invest the money (Coaching can give you 35% return on your investment)? Are you willing to stay on track even when it is much easier to glide off path? Are you willing to get creative about how to make it work? If you aren't willing....why? What will it take to get willing? You mean you really want someone ELSE to put their money on the line....or their time? It is up to YOU to make it happen. Or are you ok with just blah?

Not me. I'm willing to do things I NEVER thought I would have to do. Yes money is tight....and we can't give up on our best selves. I know I can't do it alone and neither can you. Thanks to my friends and coaches and mentors and more coaches who get me back in the game when I feel like quitting.

I'm in the game....I'm committed..... are you?