How to turn a SUCKY day into a GREAT one

>> 14 April 2009

Do you ever wake up and dread the day? Ever have a day when you just don't FEEL like saying "thank you" as your feet hit the floor? A day when you dread what lies ahead and the tasks on your plate just don't bring satisfaction?

Yeah, Me too.  Today was one of those mornings. STOP.  I refuse to let that morning turn in to a whole day. I CHOOSE to change my mindset immediately. I have things to do and people to visit with. A website to work on and tasks I've committed to accomplish.  

And so here are the steps I took to turn my day around. Numbers 1-3 are personal to me, my own comfort things and so find what soothes you and then, may I recommend, skip to step # 4: 

1.  Deep cleansing breath
2.  Poured my comfort cup of vanilla coffee.
3.  Brian Tracy Success Mastery CD in the background. 
4.  Pad of Paper and a big black sharpie.
a) PAGE 1: Writing affirmations starting with I AM FEARLESS, I AM UNSTOPPABLE.
Affirmations are statements written in the NOW of what you are, what you want, what you have. Focus on EXACTLY what you want and you will bring it into your life.  I realize that too often I speak to myself so unkindly. Do you ever do that?  I'm practicing being kinder to myself in my self talk. I choose for my self talk to be polite, loving, inspiring and helpful.  I'm mean, really, if I were at the buffet of thoughts would I really choose criticism, fear, doubt, etc...?

b) Page 2: Focusing on what I would like to attract in my life over all...I spent some time writing and drawing my vision for myself (thanks to Christina Merkley, the Shift-It Coach, for inspiring me to chart the things I want to MAGNETIZE to myself in this format).  When I focus on my vision and where I am going I am drawn toward that vision.  These are the things I am attracting in my life:
In my heart I have a deep love for myself.  
  My value is my own & I honor & cherish all that I am. 
I have a successful, multi-million dollar business contributing to others growth.
I enjoy close connection, deep partnership and love with my husband We grow together. 
 I am living and juicy and purposeful life that brings deep personal satisfaction & contributes to others. 
I have a strong client list, am enjoying my work and am a well respected coach. 
I am healthy, fit, strong, limber & energetic. I feel great about how I look! 
I am all these things, I have all I desire and I allow these things to be in my life. 

Now, I'm ready! Bring the Day On....
What are your affirmations.....what is your deep vision and what are you attracting in your life? Does focusing on these things give your day back to you in a way that you are excited to live it? This is my hope for you. 


Anonymous 3:04 PM  

That was one of my favourite blogs of all time, from anyone. I am twittering this immediately.

Well done, Tex!!



Monique 11:21 AM  

You are so awesome Allison! Thanks for your thoughts as always! Sending a little sunshine from NY on your day off!