caught doodling at work

>> 08 April 2009

Twitterwander and a search for #MAPS (I was looking for Mega Agent Productivity Systems) led me to @ChristinaMerkley and her SHIFT-IT Coaching site. 
Instantly the little long blond haired child who is also an amazing artist stood up and said, 

  Somewhere along the way I quieted the little artist in me for words and language and other things.  Not sure where I got the idea that I couldn't be creative and professional and now that I am working well and hard and good on the professional coaching side, my creativity is looking for its place.  I say: 

 Most people are visual. Some are auditory and some are kinesthetic.  See, hear, feel/do.  I tend do be equal visual and auditory.  As a speaker and coach, I do all three hoping to engage my clients or audience.  A flip chart or a white board has long been my friend in the class room and even in the individual coaching sessions.  
  A few clients have drawings running around their wallets or pockets--an illustration made from the heart about a direction in which to focus.  Jimmy Longacre even took one of my ideas and professionally illustrated it.  These images stick with us and the feelings they evoke during a coaching session can be pulled up by just looking at the image! 
The view above my computer where I sit many hours is this: 

Across the top are the daily affirmations I use to set my mind in the best possible place. We have to make sure we are telling ourselves the truth. I'm a firm believer in 'Change your thinking, change your life.' --Thanks Brian Tracy.

Below the affirmations are vision boards. These are graphical representations of the EXACT things I want in life, words that resound in my heart, dreams in my heart, the people whom I cherish and even some of the material things I'd like to have someday.  

These tools help me focus on moving forward in life. By rehearsing and practicing my mindset daily with these tools and the other things I put in my mind, I create stronger mindset muscles to help me achieve my goals...and help me through the harder times of life. 

Drawing my affirmations was a new experience for me today and something I choose to continue often.  

I do not claim to be an expert at graphical coaching...I will say that I've been an accidental dabbler with my-markers-and-my-flip-charts-and-my-white-boards over the past two years and now I will most certainly be a student of this amazing and creative way to literally draw out the dreams, and the best in myself and in my clients.  Next step: Training plan.