there is always a THEME of the week in coaching. this week it is music. Sort of.

>> 25 March 2009

I find in the 20+ coaching appointments I have every week, including the one where I am coached, there usually is a theme.  I find many people finding the same things holding them back.  This week, BY FAR...the culprit is MINDSET. 

Yesterday I asked the question..... "What has been the preoccupation of your mind over the last few days."  Agents wrote their answers...and then I simply asked, " Does this thought move you forward or hold you back."  A collective sigh from the masses.  And these masses are HAPPY masses...yet our humanity, our socialization and our environments, if not strictly controlled are not geared to promote a state of mindset that moves us forward.  

Again, I am reminded of the  Brian Tracy quote "Many people want great results with only mediocre effort."  

PAUSE..insert ANALOGY...   

I have a client named JLV.  JLV is a musician and plays professionally around town. He loves his music passionately and has shared that practicing 2-3 hours a day is what he does, and an important discipline that he holds to.  I asked him if he thought he was a great musician and he replied, "YES!"  And yet, he still practices every day. 

This mindset thing is not a one time fix.  It is every day, even all day discipline.  It takes repeated focus and steady discipline.  Funny thing is...with this daily discipline...the results come rather quickly.  

Examine your thoughts.  Do they serve you well, or do they hold you back.  If they hold you back, STOP, and just as a practicing musician would replay the notes over and over and over, replay your thoughts in a way that moves your toward your goals, not away. Remember, what you focus on and emote, becomes real, big and REAL BIG in your life.  Make the decision to focus on the things that you want, on your gifts, on what you have, on what you want to be, on the full part of the glass.  

Turn off the news.  Turn on mindset CD's in your car that help you practice. Hang around people who support your practice. Put your self in environments that help you master this discipline.  

If you aren't willing to do these things.... well, you are on the wrong blog. Except, you ARE in exactly the right place, reading exactly the right thing, for exactly where you are.  Cool, huh?

Just like JLV is a great musician...yet still practices...YOU are a great YOU....keep practicing!
Peace friends....and a smile. 

image by Leh4 under creative commons license