I'm sorry, I'll have to check my appointment book...

>> 09 February 2009

Are you overwhelmed with unfinished tasks? Have you forgotten to return important calls? Are you finding yourself overwhelmed with the busy-ness of real estate? Are you simply finding excuses to avoid your crucially important prospecting time? Are you finding that your most important tasks are getting the last and weakest bits of your attention.?

My answers have recently become: YES- YES-YES and a bunch more YES.  I hear and see the same from agents I work with.  How can we get back on track? Here is one simple, tactic that you can implement right away to get the control back. 

Set an appointment with yourself for each task that needs to be accomplished. 

There is a saying around KW-- I think said often by Gary Keller, "If it isn't in my appointment book, then it doesn't exist."

Regularly, I ask agents in my classes to pull out their appointment books and almost always, the only things in their books are the times of specific classes, the time they will be doing an open house, or possibly showing appointments. The rest is EMPTY white space.  The empty white space that when we see, we subconsciously think "free time." 

Not getting in your calls to past clients? Create an appointment for that and show up. 
Avoiding picking up the phone to call your sphere and ask for referrals? Set an appointment for it.
Not practicing scripts? Set the appointment.
Not tracking your numbers? Set the appointment.
Not previewing properties or studying the market? Yep, set an appointment.
Finding that you are arriving unprepared to your coaching sessions? Yep, set an appointment for that too.  
Seller care and follow up? Appointment. Let your sellers know they can expect a weekly update from you between xwz and abc time each Monday, and of course will contact them immediately when there is an offer..
Returning calls? Appointment 
time sucking wasting look up and your whole day is gone e-mail.  Appointment. Yes I know it is hard. 

Even catch up time, or interruption handling time..breaks....Facebook time? APPOINTMENT.  

When you start scheduling appointments for even the smallest things, it becomes easier to get all the tasks done. Control your interruptions, set communication expectations with your clients. 

Here is how to start:  Get out your list of tasks, monthly, weekly, biweekly, daily and write them down. (Remember-prospecting is DAILY).  

Now, think back to kindergarten...yep, when we learned the basics of a good full and productive day...when every minute of the day was scheduled--even the transition times.  Start creating a draft of your new appointment book.  The most important and money making tasks should be done in the morning so that they are less likely to be missed.

If you have to move or erase an appointment, find a spot to reschedule it.  If it is important...put it on your calendar.  If it isn't....why are you doing it?

And remember, as an agent your top 2 appointments are
  1. Lead generation (goal to set buyer or seller appointments)
  2. Lead follow up (goal to set buyer or seller appointments)