The Allison Analogy of the Week. Is There Anything in Your Tub?

>> 19 February 2009

In coaching REALTORS, conversations often take a turn to the feeling that nothing is happening and that
momentum isn't building. As I coach, visual images always come across my mind and this week the bathtub has found it's way in to a few sessions.

Momentum in Real Estate -especially for a newer agent, is like this bathtub.
Take a look at this photo: Is there any water in the tub?
Most often, the answer I get is, "No, Nothing in the tub." My response is, "How do you know?"

Then the light bulb goes on. There could be water in the tub, yet we can't see until the tub is full or overflowing.

Daily activities -excuse me, daily PROSPECTING is the activity that fills the tub. Bit by bit, the tub fills. Agents may not have working clients, they may not be closing deals quite yet, but as I often say in individual coaching sessions,
"The work you are doing, even now is earning you money and building your business."

Starting a real estate career can bring with it a need for ridiculous faith especially when one is used to a "this-for-that" world where exchange of services or goods for money, or exchange of actions for results is immediate. Ridiculous faith is only necessary because we may not be used to the 90 day, and COMPOUNDING effects of our efforts. Sadly, many give up before the tub is full not even realizing that they were just days away. They pull the plug on the tub.

Prospecting fills the tub. Each day the measure of fill is added to the previous day's fill. Repeated activity over time gets results. If you stop filling the tub, just because it feels or looks empty, then you are in effect, pulling the plug on past efforts. Tub empties.

Then when you begin prospecting again, you are starting from an empty tub, rather than adding to fill from the day/week before. Trust that your tub is filling. As long as you keep the plug in, you can guarantee that in a 90 day period, you tub can now look like this:

*Note...your tub may be full of clients....or time..
or freedom...or closings...or money.
Money isn't the is what the money provides. Having enough of it is often the cure for worrying about it and so money is what we chose to put in our tub. Besides, it is fun to envision a tub full of money.

Get to envisioning, get to having ridiculous faith, and above all...GET TO PROSPECTING...

Thanks to Jimmy Longacre for illustrating this concept for me professionally. Jimmy your creativity applied to my analogy is greatly appreciated and I know your creativity for your real estate clients will be too.


Chariti Gent 10:48 AM  

I couldn't agree with this more. And I would add: the water that you're filling the tub with needs to be a temperature that can sustain a bath. What I mean is this: fill up your life with good, quality relationships that will fuel your business. Find your best advocates in this world and tell them that you need your help in filling your tub with more great advocates like them. You will be amazed at how quickly you will reach overflow!

Cyndi Carfrey, Keller Williams Realty 3:57 PM  

Love that...and Chariti your comment is dead on as well!