Want Clients and Contracts? DO THIS EVERY DAY

>> 21 January 2009

  1. Prospect (ask "Who do you know that needs to buy or sell real estate? Can I sell your house? Can I help you buy property?"-- you have to ask or it isn't prospecting
  2. Follow up with all leads
  3. Set appointments (at least one a week)

That simple. If you do ANYTHING, do those three things. Those three things lead to these three things:
  1. Go on listing appointments and take listings
  2. Get buyer's representation agreements and show buyers
  3. Write contracts

If you are not doing the first three, why do you think all the busy-ness that you are involved in will lead you to the 2nd three. If you are a REALTOR and are not doing the first three, you are not really working and you are not earning any money. Look at the truth, accept it and pick up the phone. 

creative common's photo by by hyku


Highland Lakes Blogger 11:43 PM  

You make it sound so easy! What the heck have I been doing with my time?! :-)