My 2008 Reverse Resolutions

>> 01 January 2009

I got the idea for this list from a tweet that led me here:

Do resolutions stress you out? Do you feel the weight of these January decisions that most likely fall off?

Try this exercise....Reverse Resolutions. Make a list of what you did accomplish in 2008. I already have a number of things on the top of my mind, AND I am going to go find my January 2008 goal sheet ---and the rest from 08. I'll bet I find I accomplished way more than I realized!

I'd love to see what your reverse resolution looks like! Here is mine:

  1. I did marry Bill in a park under a tree and we did have a fabulous honeymoon in Tulum with friends

  2. I did pay off massive amounts of debt and should meet my goal of eliminating it by April 2009

  3. I did start working out with a trainer and am almost 2 months in to working out 3 -5 times a week

  4. I did renew my passport for another 10 years

  5. I did complete the 50 mile Hill Country Ride for Aids ride in April without a scratch for my wedding the next weekend

  6. I did get my energy and vitality back

  7. Coached agent production was 32 million (goal was 42)--up from 19 million in 07

  8. Company dollar from coached agents was 240k up from 07's 150k

  9. I had one more agent introduced to KW than I had hoped

  10. I attended every educational event I wanted to-- the highlight being the MAPS Coaching Skills Camp in Colorado

  11. I did my first on stage interview at Mega Camp 2008 as an exceptional PC

  12. I have been artistic with photography and writing

  13. We did get our outdoor kitchen/living area started

  14. We did buy the hot tub and we do use it almost every day

  15. I have made a difference in the lives of my family, some of my clients, and my friends.

  16. Above all, I think I have done pretty well as far as living a WOW life it is slightly awkward to pat myself so loudly on the back, but it also gets be excited about thinking about this new year! If I was able to do so much in 08...I know my goals will be a peach in 09.

Photo Credit: pjinomaha under Creative Commons licenses


Tom 11:20 AM  

It's a shame too many people dwell on what they didn't get done, rather than what they DID get done.

Every year I always tell people to remind themselves of what they accomplished.

Great post.