Determination will Kick Motivations As*

>> 09 January 2009

I will bet everything on my faithful friend Determination.

So many of us often root for Motivation. We look for him, we conjure him, we seek him in others hoping he might bleed on us. We lament not waking up next to him and often blame our lack of success, happiness, or results on not feeling intertwined in his arms. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the high that Motivation can give me. Just being in his presence is electric, thrilling, and stimulating. I enjoy the work that I get done, and all the accomplishment Motivation can deliver.

My gripe with Motivation is that he is an unfaithful dog.  He is a fleeting feeling that shows up only when he feels like it and on his own terms. When he's with me we roll on full steam and when he leaves....I instantly become like a blah bowl of plain, boring oatmeal just thick and stuck. 

Now into the ring comes Determination...sponsored by. Everlast.  He is not flashy and he is not loud. He is steadfast and calm. He is simply--a concrete decision.  Merriam Webster call him:
a) a judicial decision settling and ending a controversy
b) the act of deciding definitely and firmly

I dare say that Motivation doesn't have the skills to settle and end the controversy of the inconsistencies that hold you back in business or in you relationships.  Rooting for Motivation automatically means being a fair weather fan. 

Ah, and Determination- the quiet, steady, faithful and always victorious champion. Once you make the choice to bet on him-- he will not leave. He will show up even when you are not pretty, when you don't care. He will push you even when you feel like you are not able. He will drag you to success and accomplishment when you are handcuffed to Fear. Actually, Determination has already kicked Fear's as*.  Determination will remind you of your friends Results, Success, & The Top.  He will constantly keep your BIG WHY at the front of your mind.  You can not fail with him. 

 I challenge you to side with Determination. Oh and when you do, you join Relentless with him.  Who are you betting on? 


Charlie Pitkin 8:26 PM  

Very vivid and simple picture of the fuel behind the most successful.

Tortoise and Hare

Tortoise= Determination
Hare= Motivation

The tortoise always wins.