12 questions to help you achieve your very best in 2009

>> 02 January 2009

This time of year brings reflections and questioning for many of us.   What did I do well last year? What do I want to accomplish next year? 

My questions for you this year, are about being your best.  Ask yourself the following questions and then proceed through this new year with your answers in the top of your mind:

  1. What would my absolute best look like?
  2. Did I do my best last year?
  3. What excuses did I make that I know are baloney? and am I willing to quit making excuses and get results?
  4. What skills do I need to acquire to be my best?
  5. What disciplines do I need to commit to in order to be my best?
  6. How often do I need to practice to become my best?
  7. What will be the benefits of truly being my best? and how will that make me feel?
  8. What will be the consequences for myself, my business, and my family if I am not my best?
  9. Is what I am filling my mind with, going to move me toward my best, or away from it?
  10. Are the people I surround myself with going to influence me toward my best, or away from it?
  11. Who can I get on my team, literally or figuratively, that will propel me to my best?
  12. If I knew I could not fail at executing my very best, what specifically would I do?

Now....start IMMEDIATELY!
and as my coach says, "See you at the top."

The e-card picture created by Grzegorz Łobiński for MerryRibbon eCards. Thephoto used in the picture was taken by Endlisnis.


Kristina Libby 9:06 AM  

Thanks for the article! It inspired me to post a similar one on biztropolis.ning.com!