I'm still not fat, and yet I'm still working with my coach

>> 28 January 2009

Follow up #2 (original post and follow up #1 below for the complete story) 

Just before I hit my Wed 7:00pm appt with my fitness coach (yes, I miss dinner with my family for this)...going on 2.5 months of working with my fitness coach. Not even 90 days in to the habit...I'm still working on it, still determined to maintain this healthy discipline. I'm starting to see the physical results, though I have to happily admit i felt the energy results from the first week. I know that the discipline has changed me for the better already...I do also have to admit, it is still not a habit yet. I have noticed that if it weren't for the appointment, or if Bill or a friend decides not to go with me...I am more inclined to choose motivation over determination
I still need my coach. Does it cost me an arm and a leg? yep. So I make sacrifices in other areas, because this is an investment in my WHOLE BEING. HEALTH, EDUCATION, RELATIONSHIPS. Invest in those things. I don't feel like going tonight. I feel like writing more. I had a long and great day and would love to tell you all about it, AND I'm committed to blowing that steam off with my trainer...I'm determined and will keep the appointment and know in the end it will take me one step closer! What do you need to be determined to do? What coach do you need to hire? Who do you need to enlist in your support team, so that YOU WILL DO what it takes?

I'm not fat so I hired a Coach

>> 16 NOVEMBER 2008

I am not fat. I have never been fat. I come from skinny people and I am a skinny person, tall too. I am the kind of girl that women hate because I am thin. We all know the saying, "looks can be deceiving.I am not fat. I have never been fat. I come from skinny people and I am a skinny person, tall too. I am the kind of girl that women hate because I am thin. We all know the saying, "looks can be deceiving...."

But I am NOT healthy. I am in a high stress, high demand, emotionally taxing position as a coach. I work even when I am not working. I eat at my desk barely chewing between bites of whatever is easy and fast. My office is far from my home and I spend much time sitting in the car in the stressful traffic. When I get home, it is dinner with the family and then usually exhausted I head to bed early, merely from a lack of energy. Even after a full 8 hours of rest, I don't want to get up, because I'm "tired." When I do get out for fun I tire easily and have little stamina READ THE REST 

>> 28 NOVEMBER 2008

12 days ago, I hired a fitness coach and I've been consistent in meeting with him, and doing what he asks of me on my own. 

Today, the day after not one, but two, glutenous meals for thanksgiving, I woke up sore from my last lifting session two days ago and headed to the gym. Tuesday, I'd been very specific with him about some goals and the relatively short time line in which to achieve those (beach vacation on December 26th-- something about looking a bit firmer in a bikini). 

So the last two sessions have been completely different from the first two. The weights have been heavier, the reps longer and the rest in between shorter (and of course the soreness more intense). Tuesday my coach said, "You gave me a target and we are going to hit it." while I was practically killing myself under the weight of a barbell or something. Each set I was pushed to my limits, but I did not fail. I completed the work out...


It is 2015- are you still in real estate or did you fall behind the times?

>> 26 January 2009

Thanks to Elaine Garner for passing this info on. Elaine has been in the business since 86 and has a facebook page, is learning to txt and watch out twitter….she’ll take you by storm next.  What ways will we need to adapt and change to communicate with people in the upcoming years?

 Agent 2015 will possess:

  • Generational communication skills. Different generations communicate in different ways. National Association of Realtors statistics indicated that 78.8 percent of first time homebuyers in 2007 were Gen-X/Gen-Y. “Speaking the language” of these generations may be an important differentiator in the coming years as these age groups (generations) move out and up.
  • Negotiation skills. Would you accept as your representative a real estate agent who is not a competent negotiator? This is an area in great need of improvement in today’s world. Note that negotiation skills and communication skills go hand in hand.
  • Technology skills. Nothing fancy, but prospecting and marketing must be automated and agents must be able to reach more people more easily and must be in the “center of the conversation” about real estate, not merely in the “center of the transaction” which was the buzz phrase of the last decade. Client management and online transaction management software will become more widespread.
  • Online social skills. Social networking for prospects and for referrals. As more relationships will begin online in coming years, and old relationships are rekindled online, social networking skills will gain in value to the successful agent of the future, which leads to the next skill: the ability to express oneself in writing.
  • Writing skills. The agent of the future will be able to express him or herself in writing. The lost art of writing will make a comeback.

Success in real estate sales in the future will require product knowledge, sales skills and access to customers, and service with integrity. In an age of transparency, the comment, “Your reputation precedes you,” could not be more true.

Saul Klein is president and CEO for InternetCrusade and CEO for Point2 Technologies.

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Hunker Down or Dream? What will you choose?

>> 23 January 2009

My Friend Terrill Fischer shared this with me on Facebook yesterday. He had no idea how close I'd come to "hunkering down" instead of dreaming when it came across the wire: thanks for sharing Terrill

I was reading this post in a The MondayMorningMemo© of Roy H. Williams, the Wizard of Ads® a few weeks ago.... here is something in that really hit me between the eyes. 

"All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible." 
– T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia)

Hunker down or dream. It's your call.

The 7 Steps to Hunkering Down:
1. Stay scared. Call it "street smart."
2. Cultivate cynicism. Call it "straight talk."
3. Praise pessimism. Call it a "reality check."
4. Believe you are wiser than everyone else.
5. Feel secretly superior.
6. Take no action that might improve your condition.
7. Crow "I told you so" when things get worse.

The 7 Steps to Pursuing Your Dream
1. Know what you're trying to make happen.
2. Expect good things to happen for you.
3. Plant seeds of good things daily.
4. Trust that some of your seeds will grow.
5. Measure success by your own criteria.
6. Make progress daily without fail.
7. Believe in the power of the Elbs. (Exponential Little Bits)

Do you believe in your dream, or do you think it's only a fantasy?

The MondayMorningMemo© of Roy H. Williams, the Wizard of Ads®
The Memo's home on the Web is at 


Want Clients and Contracts? DO THIS EVERY DAY

>> 21 January 2009

  1. Prospect (ask "Who do you know that needs to buy or sell real estate? Can I sell your house? Can I help you buy property?"-- you have to ask or it isn't prospecting
  2. Follow up with all leads
  3. Set appointments (at least one a week)

That simple. If you do ANYTHING, do those three things. Those three things lead to these three things:
  1. Go on listing appointments and take listings
  2. Get buyer's representation agreements and show buyers
  3. Write contracts

If you are not doing the first three, why do you think all the busy-ness that you are involved in will lead you to the 2nd three. If you are a REALTOR and are not doing the first three, you are not really working and you are not earning any money. Look at the truth, accept it and pick up the phone. 

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I love to fail!

>> 11 January 2009



Determination will Kick Motivations As*

>> 09 January 2009

I will bet everything on my faithful friend Determination.

So many of us often root for Motivation. We look for him, we conjure him, we seek him in others hoping he might bleed on us. We lament not waking up next to him and often blame our lack of success, happiness, or results on not feeling intertwined in his arms. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the high that Motivation can give me. Just being in his presence is electric, thrilling, and stimulating. I enjoy the work that I get done, and all the accomplishment Motivation can deliver.

My gripe with Motivation is that he is an unfaithful dog.  He is a fleeting feeling that shows up only when he feels like it and on his own terms. When he's with me we roll on full steam and when he leaves....I instantly become like a blah bowl of plain, boring oatmeal just thick and stuck. 

Now into the ring comes Determination...sponsored by. Everlast.  He is not flashy and he is not loud. He is steadfast and calm. He is simply--a concrete decision.  Merriam Webster call him:
a) a judicial decision settling and ending a controversy
b) the act of deciding definitely and firmly

I dare say that Motivation doesn't have the skills to settle and end the controversy of the inconsistencies that hold you back in business or in you relationships.  Rooting for Motivation automatically means being a fair weather fan. 

Ah, and Determination- the quiet, steady, faithful and always victorious champion. Once you make the choice to bet on him-- he will not leave. He will show up even when you are not pretty, when you don't care. He will push you even when you feel like you are not able. He will drag you to success and accomplishment when you are handcuffed to Fear. Actually, Determination has already kicked Fear's as*.  Determination will remind you of your friends Results, Success, & The Top.  He will constantly keep your BIG WHY at the front of your mind.  You can not fail with him. 

 I challenge you to side with Determination. Oh and when you do, you join Relentless with him.  Who are you betting on? 


12 questions to help you achieve your very best in 2009

>> 02 January 2009

This time of year brings reflections and questioning for many of us.   What did I do well last year? What do I want to accomplish next year? 

My questions for you this year, are about being your best.  Ask yourself the following questions and then proceed through this new year with your answers in the top of your mind:

  1. What would my absolute best look like?
  2. Did I do my best last year?
  3. What excuses did I make that I know are baloney? and am I willing to quit making excuses and get results?
  4. What skills do I need to acquire to be my best?
  5. What disciplines do I need to commit to in order to be my best?
  6. How often do I need to practice to become my best?
  7. What will be the benefits of truly being my best? and how will that make me feel?
  8. What will be the consequences for myself, my business, and my family if I am not my best?
  9. Is what I am filling my mind with, going to move me toward my best, or away from it?
  10. Are the people I surround myself with going to influence me toward my best, or away from it?
  11. Who can I get on my team, literally or figuratively, that will propel me to my best?
  12. If I knew I could not fail at executing my very best, what specifically would I do?

Now....start IMMEDIATELY!
and as my coach says, "See you at the top."

The e-card picture created by Grzegorz Łobiński for MerryRibbon eCards. Thephoto used in the picture was taken by Endlisnis.


My 2008 Reverse Resolutions

>> 01 January 2009

I got the idea for this list from a tweet that led me here:

Do resolutions stress you out? Do you feel the weight of these January decisions that most likely fall off?

Try this exercise....Reverse Resolutions. Make a list of what you did accomplish in 2008. I already have a number of things on the top of my mind, AND I am going to go find my January 2008 goal sheet ---and the rest from 08. I'll bet I find I accomplished way more than I realized!

I'd love to see what your reverse resolution looks like! Here is mine:

  1. I did marry Bill in a park under a tree and we did have a fabulous honeymoon in Tulum with friends

  2. I did pay off massive amounts of debt and should meet my goal of eliminating it by April 2009

  3. I did start working out with a trainer and am almost 2 months in to working out 3 -5 times a week

  4. I did renew my passport for another 10 years

  5. I did complete the 50 mile Hill Country Ride for Aids ride in April without a scratch for my wedding the next weekend

  6. I did get my energy and vitality back

  7. Coached agent production was 32 million (goal was 42)--up from 19 million in 07

  8. Company dollar from coached agents was 240k up from 07's 150k

  9. I had one more agent introduced to KW than I had hoped

  10. I attended every educational event I wanted to-- the highlight being the MAPS Coaching Skills Camp in Colorado

  11. I did my first on stage interview at Mega Camp 2008 as an exceptional PC

  12. I have been artistic with photography and writing

  13. We did get our outdoor kitchen/living area started

  14. We did buy the hot tub and we do use it almost every day

  15. I have made a difference in the lives of my family, some of my clients, and my friends.

  16. Above all, I think I have done pretty well as far as living a WOW life

OK...so it is slightly awkward to pat myself so loudly on the back, but it also gets be excited about thinking about this new year! If I was able to do so much in 08...I know my goals will be a peach in 09.

Photo Credit: pjinomaha under Creative Commons licenses