My List for the day.

>> 25 November 2009

i've been enjoying the fruits of a gratitude centered life lately. it is like the balm that heals everything. it is the magic potion that creates deep satisfaction and joy.
here is my list for today:

  1. and
  2. doing exactly what I want professionally
  3. doors of opportunity opening left and right
  4. my sister Courtney's writing and her ABC exercise for writers block
  5. verbs (hint--use more and watch what happens)
  6. the jacuzzi hot tub
  7. my husbands seasonal beard and glasses
  8. abundance flowing freely and often
  9. markers, books and paper
  10. old blog posts and journal entries that are completely relevant today-timeless really.
  11. hank moody
  12. close to debt free---wheeeeeeeeee
  13. For finding Christina Merkley and Graphical Coaching concepts in April 09. -specifically drawing affirmations and focus wheels.
  14. chuck taylors on my feet : all star slips baby!
  15. french manicures done at home
  16. motivated, engaged and committed coaching clients

PS...this is normally posted on crowscaw....and I serendipitously started it on the couch...and so on the couch it will be posted as there are no mistakes!


listen to something good

>> 24 November 2009

what a perfect morning. Coffee....something about the before 8 am light in my office is attractive, cozy and inviting all at the same time. Then this gift in my email from Tony Robbins. Grab a cup of coffee...and enjoy this audio called Breaking Through:


Here is why you haven't made any money in real estate.

>> 03 November 2009

I got lost in my database yesterday...wasted a few hours actually...working to implement systems.
The reality is...we HAVE to get in to production. We spend so much time working to implement systems so that we can get business.....and the business gets written by someone else.

Now, I'm not knocking systems. I do believe as Gary Keller says, build a database and feed it every day. What I am knocking is our regular way of doing that. The MAPS BOLD program has taught me that really, we can build a database by making contact with anyone and everyone to find someone one or two or three or ten who intend to buy or sell TODAY.


You get what you focus on...and if you are focusing on building a will have a healthy address book and no business. When you focus on finding the people who are ready to list or write a contract THIS week...then you will also happen to build a database.

We get so stuck in the systems of business that we avoid going to GET BUSINESS.

If you are a REALTOR, your job is to set an appointment today. Your job is to set an appointment every work day. You job is to set MASSIVE amounts of appointments with motivated buyers and sellers. This one appointment a month won't cut it and I'm here to show you the truth about that:

Look at this reality.

  • The average conversion rate for contacts to appointment for an agent 1 year or less in the business is 125 contacts =1 appt.
  • If you make 5 contacts a day it will take you 25 days to get an appointment.
  • The average conversion rate for an new agents appointment is 4 appointments to a sale.
  • That means that it will take 100 days to get 4 appointments to get 1 sale.
  • in a year there are 14.6 25 day periods.
  • Divided by 4 = 3.65 deals a year.
  • With an average sales price of 200k and 3% commission. That looks like $21,900 GROSS commission...
  • then the split at 70% (this doesn't include royalty and coaching fees) leaves you with $15,330. Oh and then take off 20% for taxes.
  • That is a WHOPPING $12,264 net earnings on 5 contacts a day.
NO wonder people get out of real estate so fast.

Asking 5 people a day simply won't cut it.
Lets do the same formula with the average agent 1-5 years in the business.
62 appointments to a contact.

  • That is an appointment every 12.4 days of prospecting.
  • = 49.6 days of prospecting for a sale.
  • = 7.36 deals a year.
  • = $44,160 in GCI,
  • =$30,912 after a 70% split (not including royalty and coaching fees)
  • =$24,729 after 20% taxes are paid.
  • HELLO.....Go get a job at a retail store for 40 hours a week.

In the SHIFT...Gary Keller's 1st tactic is GET REAL GET RIGHT.
People....get real. and how you get right is get APPOINTEMNTS every day.

If you aren't getting appointments weekly then you aren't doing your job and so no wonder you aren't getting paid. Quit getting ready to get ready. Get your mindset right, and go get the business with massive action. The systems will come...and besides, when you have massive business due to your massive action, you can pay someone to do the grunt work for you.


What are you saying to yourself?

>> 09 October 2009

What you say to yourself comes true. Say the best things. Focus on PRECISELY what you want...


Is social media just a fad?

>> 30 August 2009

Is social media just a fad? This amazing video was shared with us at the KW Mega Technology Camp.


Fw: What you believe about yourself is...

>> 12 August 2009

What you believe about yourself is what you will become! Say, "I believe the very best of myself! - I am a SUPERSTAR in this business and in life!!!"
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Coaching with images and pictures

>> 17 June 2009

Been doing some doodling of coaching calls lately...and just did a chart for the upcoming MAPS BOLD class.

I've been drawing my affirmations lately--mostly to connect with them more deeply....and to be able to look at them and recall the emotions of them in a moment when I need them. I've even taken a few clients through a visual coaching exercise with their affirmations.
I'm an early student of this style of coaching and yet, when I first was exposed to it, my spirit recognized it.

On a personal note, I did some self work and realized that for some time, an artistic side of me has been waiting for me because a while back I set it aside to pursue other things. After taking notes, I turned my notes into the image of my angel-ness.

In this world of media and information, technology, more information....everything we are inundated with seems to pile on my brain. I find that being a visual thinker my brain start experiencing just fast flashes of information. This process helps me pull the important content out from all the noise. If the noise gets to loud, I can purposefully draw what I intend to focus on and so the process starts. My question for you is.....what images do you see when you think? What are the pictures that come to your mind when you are structuring your day, or your week or even your life? Are you focusing on thoughts and images that move you forward, or images and thoughts that hold you back? If you could draw exactly what you wanted to focus on, what would you put on the paper?


Are you Interested or Committed?

>> 16 June 2009

Today on the Couch...we welcome a post from Keller Williams Productivity Coach and ray of sunshine, Monique van Grinsven of White Plains, NW.

Is there a difference between being interested and feeling committed?

Yes. In my opinion, there are lots of things you can be interested in but there are just a few you can be committed to. I am interested in many things but I am truly committed to just a handful. And I devote the time to fulfill those commitments.
I am committed to exercising every single day and will schedule time to do it. I have done it all my life and it became a habit just like brushing my teeth several times a day and spending time with my family. Getting out this newsletter is a commitment, as is my job. I am mindful about what I do in the office every day. I get numerous interruptions which is fine most of the time. When I need to focus on just one thing or person, I shut off my phone and computer and close my door because it is essential that I can't be interrupted. I put everything on hold and instead focus on the person or the project I am working on for the time I allotted to it. I basically shut out the outside world in order to listen, think, brainstorm or whatever it takes to concentrate on the task in front of me.

How do you commit to the task on hand? How good are you at time blocking, organizing your to-do list and actually accomplishing what's on it? Are you just interested or are you committed to get the job done? Do you feel resistance when you start working on your list? If so, do you know why you feel that the list unrealistic and looking like you are climbing Mt. Everest without having mastered the little hills first? Are you guilty of letting the computer, an e-mail or an incoming call distract you when you should be committed to a specific task? Here is a suggestion: How about you commit to a small amount of time where you take action without distraction... one step at a time?

Take running a Marathon as an is not possible to do that without taking that initial step first and then committing to a foot, a yard and then a mile at a time. If you truly want to run the 26 plus miles or that half marathon, you fire up your program and add a little more distance each time you run. You find that it gets easier after each mile and soon running becomes a habit and little by little you have gotten strong enough to run for miles. The momentum will carry you to accomplish your goal, to go on and to experience that incredible moment when you cross that finish line. You earned that medal and all the feelings of victory that come with that! Same with lead generating or accomplishing a task....set a goal, start small, commit, make a deal with yourself, get excited, take action and make it a habit let the momentum carry you! Enjoy the journey and keep in mind what it will do for your future, how it will affect your life simply by adding just one new client or accomplishment at a time. Then reward yourself and pat yourself on the back after each little step because you did it... You earned feels GOOD!

I reward myself by going walking. I love going outside and surrounding myself with nature's beauty. I breathe in the fresh air, cherish the color of the sky at sunset, listen to the sounds of nature and feel the wind and sun caressing my skin. I get spiritually, mentally and physically inspired and recharged to accomplish the things I set out to do today and tomorrow.

If motivation is your problem, commit yourself to taking baby steps and tell your family, a friend or me, your coach, about the commitment you made to yourself....then hold yourself accountable by reporting to them and me regularly on what you did, or did not do. Even if you failed, learn from it and take another step today and another one tomorrow and before you know it, everything will begin to flow. Then, you will truly know the difference between being just interested and feeling fully committed.

Done with my newsletter, it's time for a walk!




You are a MAGNET --are you attracting cruddy stuff?

>> 09 June 2009

I'm reminded today about the always present law of attraction. I'm also thankful for the leaders in my life that have pushed me to eliminate limiting beliefs and pay attention to what I attract. Also those that help me with not only mental means of refocusing the energy in my body and mind, but with the physical ways. So before I begin: gratitude for Dianna Kokoszka and MAPS, Tony Robbins (breathe in your heart), Christina Merkley (the process of mapping it out visually), Brian Tracy, and for the many coaches I have worked with. Here is your Magnet: All those little black filaments are the dust and muck and crap you have been attracting. What is the cruddy stuff in your life. Think about today: What is the PRIMARY thought that has gone through your head? Is it one that moves your forward or one that holds you back. Is it one that cleanses your heart or one that weighs it down?

We can easily become consumed with focusing on exactly what we do not want to happen....and the energy of that focus somehow leads us to the EXACT experience we were trying to avoid. Many times the path to what we it a feeling, or a thing, an accomplishment, or experience, and event, a relationship etc...comes only after truly clarifying the END and working backwards.

What exactly is it that you DO want? Use juicy words and pictures....describe it in detail and then visualize it. See it. Feel it. Taste it. Visualize and imagine it as ALREADY in existence. Consider the feelings you are looking forward to having....what thoughts got you to where you wanted to be? Think about the steps that without a doubt in your mind will lead you to the place/thing/experience you want to be/do/have. Get over the limits you think are in your way right now. If it were to happen....HOW would it happen. Write it down. See your self kicking right through-- or side stepping any obstacle that gets in your way. MAKE NO EXCUSES. Brian Tracy says that if ANYONE has done it in-spite of the excuse you just created....then the excuse doesn't exist...and it certainly isn't valid.

Visualize your desired outcome. See it and breathe into it. All of this creates a mind space for your goal. It clears the magnet of your being free of the gritty crud and begins to attract the things you want and the ways to be/do
/have beyond your belief.

I'm getting better at focusing on the things I do want to happen. Clients are coming to me, my houses are selling, my deals are working, money is coming from all directions, I'm focusing on the stuff I want, and feeling the feelings I enjoy having, my life is happening EXACTLY as I want it to. And I want this for you too.

All of these concepts are not new..and I'm glad to be reminded of them. Christina Merkley via Abraham Hicks was the source of the magnet image and creating the attraction map and doing a focus wheel: Here is my focus wheel from a few months ago and I'm working on a new attraction map and will post soon. Just get what you focus on. What are you focusing on? Is that what you WANT? if not...then change your focus!



>> 26 May 2009

Seriously.....every excuse in the book. I know because I made them too.

TO what level are you willing to actually invest in yourself to grow? Are you willing to invest the time? Are you willing to invest the money (Coaching can give you 35% return on your investment)? Are you willing to stay on track even when it is much easier to glide off path? Are you willing to get creative about how to make it work? If you aren't willing....why? What will it take to get willing? You mean you really want someone ELSE to put their money on the line....or their time? It is up to YOU to make it happen. Or are you ok with just blah?

Not me. I'm willing to do things I NEVER thought I would have to do. Yes money is tight....and we can't give up on our best selves. I know I can't do it alone and neither can you. Thanks to my friends and coaches and mentors and more coaches who get me back in the game when I feel like quitting.

I'm in the game....I'm committed..... are you?


Need a Quickie?

>> 21 April 2009

Thanks Antonia (one of my great coaching clients) for sending this! May something in this montage wake something up in you and help you to be just a little bit better today, try just a bit harder, work a little bit longer, and give just a little more of your spirit!


I double dog dare you to ask yourself this question?

>> 17 April 2009

This is a guest post from one of the best thinkers and writers I know...My sister. 
Courtney Crow Wyrtzen, I know you are a truly gifted writer, and a deep thinker, and I appreciate your thoughts on being your best. I know many of us struggle with this question...if we are even to really ask ourselves that question. You are brave in asking and the greatest part is, you will find what your best really is! Thanks for letting me reprint your work. 

I have been thinking about this all week since my colleague Rana Reedsposted this video on her Facebook page:

Tears were streaming down my eyes the other day as I watched this. My son was worried since I was crying and that man was screaming but I reassured him that everything was ok. I've had to wonder this week - what is MY very best, my very best

I used to think I knew and I would strive and push for perfection and high output but I would often crash in the end. My results were like fireworks, impressive, colorful, gone in a flash. I enjoyed my results but I often longed to know the feeling of satisfaction that came with sustained results. Slower in coming perhaps - - less impressive maybe, but steady and effective and in its own way - beautiful.

Something else that has frequently tripped me up is if others think I am giving my very best then that was enough - even if deep inside I knew it was not my best. But my successes felt hollow and I knew I could not back them up with repeated results. I can also look the part - dress the "right" way, show up with a fancy hairdo with makeup on (even on a basketball court or track). I have always been thin and pretty and could play nice and follow the rules and write good thank you notes and wear the right clothes to an evening wedding. And somewhere along the way I got the notion that this was what being my very best was all about.

My very best, huh?

I used to be a track star, the very best. I won state titles (ok, little private school state titles but still). But was that my very best? During practice I ran around the bend and sat down with another teammate to chat before we headed back saying we'd run 3 miles to the bridge and back. I smoked and drank and quit the team my senior year. Hardly my very best.

In school I procrastinated and goofed off until the threat of college loomed large and then I got down to business my Senior year and made all A's - my GPA was ok, it could've been better. I applied to one school that didn't even have that great of an academic reputation because I thought that was all I could accomplish. Hardly my very best.

I've put in similar efforts in other areas of my life: work, school, play, marriage, parenting - - and Ive done enough to get by, even be admired by some. But has it been my very best? At least I pulled it off in appearances, right?

Striving is not my very best either. Nor is perfection or presumption or just being professional or courteous for the sake of appearances. 

I have been thinking about my very best all week and at the same time accepting myself for my weaknesses and faults. I wasn't sure what to write in this blog post until yesterday I saw this: Susan Boyle

Susan's very best had nothing to do with all of the outside trappings that I have been so impressed with (things that come naturally to me and to Brock, the team leader in the video above). It had nothing to do with what everyone thought of her before she opened her mouth. It had nothing to do with whether or not they believed in her.

She opened her mouth and she sang and she stunned them all. And she could do it again and again and again if she had to.

I want to find my very best and somehow, by the grace of God, turn it on again and again and again and again. I think I am afraid of that. Maybe afraid I won't find it or afraid I can't live it once I do. I am a bit afraid, but not enough to turn around and run back. Not enough to not try. Not enough to just pretend my very best is unattainable.

Susan Boyle was probably terrified (like Paul Potts before her) and she had little or no support from the people in the room. But she gave her very best and she touched my heart with that and everything else about her. If I could do that then...well then that would be just great.

Hebrews 10:39 But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved.


Why am I drawing my affirmations this week?

>> 16 April 2009

Why you ask? Because it simply is more fun. More emotional and more creative. And because it takes more time and thought. The more time and thought we put in to what we D0 want, the better! I AM, I ALLOW, I HAVE and I hope you do too!

Rock your day, have fun in whatever you do and share that energy with every soul you contact today!
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How to turn a SUCKY day into a GREAT one

>> 14 April 2009

Do you ever wake up and dread the day? Ever have a day when you just don't FEEL like saying "thank you" as your feet hit the floor? A day when you dread what lies ahead and the tasks on your plate just don't bring satisfaction?

Yeah, Me too.  Today was one of those mornings. STOP.  I refuse to let that morning turn in to a whole day. I CHOOSE to change my mindset immediately. I have things to do and people to visit with. A website to work on and tasks I've committed to accomplish.  

And so here are the steps I took to turn my day around. Numbers 1-3 are personal to me, my own comfort things and so find what soothes you and then, may I recommend, skip to step # 4: 

1.  Deep cleansing breath
2.  Poured my comfort cup of vanilla coffee.
3.  Brian Tracy Success Mastery CD in the background. 
4.  Pad of Paper and a big black sharpie.
a) PAGE 1: Writing affirmations starting with I AM FEARLESS, I AM UNSTOPPABLE.
Affirmations are statements written in the NOW of what you are, what you want, what you have. Focus on EXACTLY what you want and you will bring it into your life.  I realize that too often I speak to myself so unkindly. Do you ever do that?  I'm practicing being kinder to myself in my self talk. I choose for my self talk to be polite, loving, inspiring and helpful.  I'm mean, really, if I were at the buffet of thoughts would I really choose criticism, fear, doubt, etc...?

b) Page 2: Focusing on what I would like to attract in my life over all...I spent some time writing and drawing my vision for myself (thanks to Christina Merkley, the Shift-It Coach, for inspiring me to chart the things I want to MAGNETIZE to myself in this format).  When I focus on my vision and where I am going I am drawn toward that vision.  These are the things I am attracting in my life:
In my heart I have a deep love for myself.  
  My value is my own & I honor & cherish all that I am. 
I have a successful, multi-million dollar business contributing to others growth.
I enjoy close connection, deep partnership and love with my husband We grow together. 
 I am living and juicy and purposeful life that brings deep personal satisfaction & contributes to others. 
I have a strong client list, am enjoying my work and am a well respected coach. 
I am healthy, fit, strong, limber & energetic. I feel great about how I look! 
I am all these things, I have all I desire and I allow these things to be in my life. 

Now, I'm ready! Bring the Day On....
What are your affirmations.....what is your deep vision and what are you attracting in your life? Does focusing on these things give your day back to you in a way that you are excited to live it? This is my hope for you. 


caught doodling at work

>> 08 April 2009

Twitterwander and a search for #MAPS (I was looking for Mega Agent Productivity Systems) led me to @ChristinaMerkley and her SHIFT-IT Coaching site. 
Instantly the little long blond haired child who is also an amazing artist stood up and said, 

  Somewhere along the way I quieted the little artist in me for words and language and other things.  Not sure where I got the idea that I couldn't be creative and professional and now that I am working well and hard and good on the professional coaching side, my creativity is looking for its place.  I say: 

 Most people are visual. Some are auditory and some are kinesthetic.  See, hear, feel/do.  I tend do be equal visual and auditory.  As a speaker and coach, I do all three hoping to engage my clients or audience.  A flip chart or a white board has long been my friend in the class room and even in the individual coaching sessions.  
  A few clients have drawings running around their wallets or pockets--an illustration made from the heart about a direction in which to focus.  Jimmy Longacre even took one of my ideas and professionally illustrated it.  These images stick with us and the feelings they evoke during a coaching session can be pulled up by just looking at the image! 
The view above my computer where I sit many hours is this: 

Across the top are the daily affirmations I use to set my mind in the best possible place. We have to make sure we are telling ourselves the truth. I'm a firm believer in 'Change your thinking, change your life.' --Thanks Brian Tracy.

Below the affirmations are vision boards. These are graphical representations of the EXACT things I want in life, words that resound in my heart, dreams in my heart, the people whom I cherish and even some of the material things I'd like to have someday.  

These tools help me focus on moving forward in life. By rehearsing and practicing my mindset daily with these tools and the other things I put in my mind, I create stronger mindset muscles to help me achieve my goals...and help me through the harder times of life. 

Drawing my affirmations was a new experience for me today and something I choose to continue often.  

I do not claim to be an expert at graphical coaching...I will say that I've been an accidental dabbler with my-markers-and-my-flip-charts-and-my-white-boards over the past two years and now I will most certainly be a student of this amazing and creative way to literally draw out the dreams, and the best in myself and in my clients.  Next step: Training plan.  


The title of the photo "It takes a silly girl to lie about the dreams she has" says it all.

>> 07 April 2009

There is a question I have asked many clients: “If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?”

The answer is scary and fabulous all at the same time for many of us. Our thoughts and beliefs and “everydays” are made up of so many pieces. So many voices and influences, it is often hard to listen to the quiet dreams of our hearts. I know the quiet dreams of my heart, as I am always engaging them and nurturing them.

It takes a silly girl to lie about the dreams she has. (210)

Recently, a moment of past pent up hurt flashed that dream as a better alternative than what that present moment was offering me. In a sensitive moment of feeling completely misunderstood (one of trigger spots I’m working on healing), my reaction was to remove myself from the pain and move toward the pleasure of the dream instantly and without regard for a community I not only belong to but actually, love. Even if the end choice is good, we still have to remember that there is a path to that choice…..and spur of the moment choices can be dangerous for the surrounding hearts. Personal and professional collateral damage.

Question: Is it selfish to --AT TIMES--protect my own heart and values from the damage? I think not. A team is only as strong as the weakest link, they say, I’ve come to believe that being my BEST self helps not only me personally, also all those I come in contact with and those whom I am in relationship with. I spent up to about age 24 NOT taking care of my body, my mind, my heart, my spirit. That certainly didn’t work. Is it really possible to put others first and protect yourself? Aren’t adults capable of taking care of themselves? When does looking out for everyone else steal from one’s own soul?

It is about being true to self. It is about not tolerating a cancer in an otherwise healthy body of this being. Even more than that, it really is about being free to be ALL that I’m am capable and destined to be. It is about expanding my wings and soaring. As a master soul coach, Nigel, spoke with me in February--it is about what is in my heart.

In my heart, I help millions find a deep love for themselves –exactly for who they are—and I help them use that love to become all that they were meant to be for blessing their businesses, for blessing their families, for realizing their dreams, for honoring their spirits—and maybe—for the blessing the world.

It’s just what I do.

Oh and, It’s not about the money.

Yep...I broke a cardinal rule of blogging by posting on 2 sites- -both my personal and professional blogs. Oh well

AMAZING photo called"It takes a silly girl to lie about the dreams she has. (210)" by whatmegsaid under a Creative Commons License.


Adjust your attitude---

>> 03 April 2009

Are you filling your mind with poison or with good stuff? Are you making it easy to make good choices for yourself, or are you making it harder.  Bathed in a better attitude makes it simple to look at things in ways that serve you rather than hinder you! Thanks ZIG ZIGLAR for this message!


there is always a THEME of the week in coaching. this week it is music. Sort of.

>> 25 March 2009

I find in the 20+ coaching appointments I have every week, including the one where I am coached, there usually is a theme.  I find many people finding the same things holding them back.  This week, BY FAR...the culprit is MINDSET. 

Yesterday I asked the question..... "What has been the preoccupation of your mind over the last few days."  Agents wrote their answers...and then I simply asked, " Does this thought move you forward or hold you back."  A collective sigh from the masses.  And these masses are HAPPY masses...yet our humanity, our socialization and our environments, if not strictly controlled are not geared to promote a state of mindset that moves us forward.  

Again, I am reminded of the  Brian Tracy quote "Many people want great results with only mediocre effort."  

PAUSE..insert ANALOGY...   

I have a client named JLV.  JLV is a musician and plays professionally around town. He loves his music passionately and has shared that practicing 2-3 hours a day is what he does, and an important discipline that he holds to.  I asked him if he thought he was a great musician and he replied, "YES!"  And yet, he still practices every day. 

This mindset thing is not a one time fix.  It is every day, even all day discipline.  It takes repeated focus and steady discipline.  Funny thing is...with this daily discipline...the results come rather quickly.  

Examine your thoughts.  Do they serve you well, or do they hold you back.  If they hold you back, STOP, and just as a practicing musician would replay the notes over and over and over, replay your thoughts in a way that moves your toward your goals, not away. Remember, what you focus on and emote, becomes real, big and REAL BIG in your life.  Make the decision to focus on the things that you want, on your gifts, on what you have, on what you want to be, on the full part of the glass.  

Turn off the news.  Turn on mindset CD's in your car that help you practice. Hang around people who support your practice. Put your self in environments that help you master this discipline.  

If you aren't willing to do these things.... well, you are on the wrong blog. Except, you ARE in exactly the right place, reading exactly the right thing, for exactly where you are.  Cool, huh?

Just like JLV is a great musician...yet still practices...YOU are a great YOU....keep practicing!
Peace friends....and a smile. 

image by Leh4 under creative commons license


MAPS Coaching Blog

>> 18 March 2009

MAPS (Mega Agent Productivity Systems) is now blogging.  I have a coach through MAPS (Keller Williams Coaching division) and they offer a HUGE variety of real estate, leadership, and technology coaching programs. Many of the other KW Productivity Coaches are in either group coaching or in individual coaching so that they achieve TOP results with their clients! MAPS...let me be the first to welcome you to the blogging world! Here is a link to their blog: 

MAPS Coaching Blog

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Are you expecting cruddy results?

>> 16 March 2009

Are you "working" in real estate and expecting cruddy results? What kind of results are you expecting?  Are you surprised that you aren't getting AMAZING, STELLAR, INCREDIBLE results?  Do you find yourself asking, "why isn't this paying off?"  Of course I know that you aren't EXPECTING cruddy results.

 Let me ask you...... does the measure of work and effort you are putting in equal the results you are expecting? Or are you putting in cruddy effort-- inconsistent, half-hearted, every-now-and-then effort....and expecting appointment-setting-money-making-contract-writing-deal-closing results?

I heard Brian Tracy say in his Success Seminar last week....
"Too many people put in mediocre results expecting great results."

I find this to be true in coaching real estate agents.  We have a few agents at our office who shine week after week.  There are newer agents writing consistent business....and people ask, "HOW DOES SHE DO IT."  Duh! First off SHOW UP like it is your job.  Pick up the phone, get face to face with people. Be out and about or on the phone. NOT on the computer.  

Agents who are willing to put in great effort are getting great results. They are building stellar habits and earning the results they deserve.  

Evaluate honestly what kinds of efforts you have been making. If they haven't been effective, how are your skills? Do you need to brush up and learn more? Do you need to push beyond your comfort zone and do things you haven't been willing to in the past?  I will say, I see many agents avoid calling their databases...for many reasons.  Yet the ones who continually follow up with their sphere of influence....who follow up week after week after week with any and every lead....and those who call expired listings....are all writing business.  

You can get your unfair share of the market, you can be writing business consistently. Hope won't get you there. Hard work, continual learning, and time on task will. 


Real Estate - The way it should be done: DO NOT go on a Listing Appointment......

>> 01 March 2009

From Tony DiCello's Blog: Real Estate - The way it should be done: DO NOT go on a Listing Appointment......

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Have you been diagnosed with Productivity Disfunction

>> 26 February 2009


Live from Family Reunion » Blog Archive » Keynote Session: Clint Swindall

Live from Family Reunion » Blog Archive » Keynote Session: Clint Swindall

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The Allison Analogy of the Week. Is There Anything in Your Tub?

>> 19 February 2009

In coaching REALTORS, conversations often take a turn to the feeling that nothing is happening and that
momentum isn't building. As I coach, visual images always come across my mind and this week the bathtub has found it's way in to a few sessions.

Momentum in Real Estate -especially for a newer agent, is like this bathtub.
Take a look at this photo: Is there any water in the tub?
Most often, the answer I get is, "No, Nothing in the tub." My response is, "How do you know?"

Then the light bulb goes on. There could be water in the tub, yet we can't see until the tub is full or overflowing.

Daily activities -excuse me, daily PROSPECTING is the activity that fills the tub. Bit by bit, the tub fills. Agents may not have working clients, they may not be closing deals quite yet, but as I often say in individual coaching sessions,
"The work you are doing, even now is earning you money and building your business."

Starting a real estate career can bring with it a need for ridiculous faith especially when one is used to a "this-for-that" world where exchange of services or goods for money, or exchange of actions for results is immediate. Ridiculous faith is only necessary because we may not be used to the 90 day, and COMPOUNDING effects of our efforts. Sadly, many give up before the tub is full not even realizing that they were just days away. They pull the plug on the tub.

Prospecting fills the tub. Each day the measure of fill is added to the previous day's fill. Repeated activity over time gets results. If you stop filling the tub, just because it feels or looks empty, then you are in effect, pulling the plug on past efforts. Tub empties.

Then when you begin prospecting again, you are starting from an empty tub, rather than adding to fill from the day/week before. Trust that your tub is filling. As long as you keep the plug in, you can guarantee that in a 90 day period, you tub can now look like this:

*Note...your tub may be full of clients....or time..
or freedom...or closings...or money.
Money isn't the is what the money provides. Having enough of it is often the cure for worrying about it and so money is what we chose to put in our tub. Besides, it is fun to envision a tub full of money.

Get to envisioning, get to having ridiculous faith, and above all...GET TO PROSPECTING...

Thanks to Jimmy Longacre for illustrating this concept for me professionally. Jimmy your creativity applied to my analogy is greatly appreciated and I know your creativity for your real estate clients will be too.


on Study: Experiences make us happier than possessions

>> 11 February 2009


I'm sorry, I'll have to check my appointment book...

>> 09 February 2009

Are you overwhelmed with unfinished tasks? Have you forgotten to return important calls? Are you finding yourself overwhelmed with the busy-ness of real estate? Are you simply finding excuses to avoid your crucially important prospecting time? Are you finding that your most important tasks are getting the last and weakest bits of your attention.?

My answers have recently become: YES- YES-YES and a bunch more YES.  I hear and see the same from agents I work with.  How can we get back on track? Here is one simple, tactic that you can implement right away to get the control back. 

Set an appointment with yourself for each task that needs to be accomplished. 

There is a saying around KW-- I think said often by Gary Keller, "If it isn't in my appointment book, then it doesn't exist."

Regularly, I ask agents in my classes to pull out their appointment books and almost always, the only things in their books are the times of specific classes, the time they will be doing an open house, or possibly showing appointments. The rest is EMPTY white space.  The empty white space that when we see, we subconsciously think "free time." 

Not getting in your calls to past clients? Create an appointment for that and show up. 
Avoiding picking up the phone to call your sphere and ask for referrals? Set an appointment for it.
Not practicing scripts? Set the appointment.
Not tracking your numbers? Set the appointment.
Not previewing properties or studying the market? Yep, set an appointment.
Finding that you are arriving unprepared to your coaching sessions? Yep, set an appointment for that too.  
Seller care and follow up? Appointment. Let your sellers know they can expect a weekly update from you between xwz and abc time each Monday, and of course will contact them immediately when there is an offer..
Returning calls? Appointment 
time sucking wasting look up and your whole day is gone e-mail.  Appointment. Yes I know it is hard. 

Even catch up time, or interruption handling time..breaks....Facebook time? APPOINTMENT.  

When you start scheduling appointments for even the smallest things, it becomes easier to get all the tasks done. Control your interruptions, set communication expectations with your clients. 

Here is how to start:  Get out your list of tasks, monthly, weekly, biweekly, daily and write them down. (Remember-prospecting is DAILY).  

Now, think back to kindergarten...yep, when we learned the basics of a good full and productive day...when every minute of the day was scheduled--even the transition times.  Start creating a draft of your new appointment book.  The most important and money making tasks should be done in the morning so that they are less likely to be missed.

If you have to move or erase an appointment, find a spot to reschedule it.  If it is important...put it on your calendar.  If it isn't....why are you doing it?

And remember, as an agent your top 2 appointments are
  1. Lead generation (goal to set buyer or seller appointments)
  2. Lead follow up (goal to set buyer or seller appointments)


Blogger class homies

>> 02 February 2009

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I'm still not fat, and yet I'm still working with my coach

>> 28 January 2009

Follow up #2 (original post and follow up #1 below for the complete story) 

Just before I hit my Wed 7:00pm appt with my fitness coach (yes, I miss dinner with my family for this)...going on 2.5 months of working with my fitness coach. Not even 90 days in to the habit...I'm still working on it, still determined to maintain this healthy discipline. I'm starting to see the physical results, though I have to happily admit i felt the energy results from the first week. I know that the discipline has changed me for the better already...I do also have to admit, it is still not a habit yet. I have noticed that if it weren't for the appointment, or if Bill or a friend decides not to go with me...I am more inclined to choose motivation over determination
I still need my coach. Does it cost me an arm and a leg? yep. So I make sacrifices in other areas, because this is an investment in my WHOLE BEING. HEALTH, EDUCATION, RELATIONSHIPS. Invest in those things. I don't feel like going tonight. I feel like writing more. I had a long and great day and would love to tell you all about it, AND I'm committed to blowing that steam off with my trainer...I'm determined and will keep the appointment and know in the end it will take me one step closer! What do you need to be determined to do? What coach do you need to hire? Who do you need to enlist in your support team, so that YOU WILL DO what it takes?

I'm not fat so I hired a Coach

>> 16 NOVEMBER 2008

I am not fat. I have never been fat. I come from skinny people and I am a skinny person, tall too. I am the kind of girl that women hate because I am thin. We all know the saying, "looks can be deceiving.I am not fat. I have never been fat. I come from skinny people and I am a skinny person, tall too. I am the kind of girl that women hate because I am thin. We all know the saying, "looks can be deceiving...."

But I am NOT healthy. I am in a high stress, high demand, emotionally taxing position as a coach. I work even when I am not working. I eat at my desk barely chewing between bites of whatever is easy and fast. My office is far from my home and I spend much time sitting in the car in the stressful traffic. When I get home, it is dinner with the family and then usually exhausted I head to bed early, merely from a lack of energy. Even after a full 8 hours of rest, I don't want to get up, because I'm "tired." When I do get out for fun I tire easily and have little stamina READ THE REST 

>> 28 NOVEMBER 2008

12 days ago, I hired a fitness coach and I've been consistent in meeting with him, and doing what he asks of me on my own. 

Today, the day after not one, but two, glutenous meals for thanksgiving, I woke up sore from my last lifting session two days ago and headed to the gym. Tuesday, I'd been very specific with him about some goals and the relatively short time line in which to achieve those (beach vacation on December 26th-- something about looking a bit firmer in a bikini). 

So the last two sessions have been completely different from the first two. The weights have been heavier, the reps longer and the rest in between shorter (and of course the soreness more intense). Tuesday my coach said, "You gave me a target and we are going to hit it." while I was practically killing myself under the weight of a barbell or something. Each set I was pushed to my limits, but I did not fail. I completed the work out...