real estate and twitter....

>> 01 December 2008

Been exploring some social networking some...and how it can be used in real estate and to move forward in life.....below is a link to a great blog post by one of the people i follow on Twitter: (aka @nik_nik) or (on the web at

Make special note of @Nik_Niks Twitter Disclaimer

TWITTER DISCLAIMER: Twitter can spend your time like nobody’s business. So manage accordingly. Also, in the beginning you may feel compelled to add everyone who adds you. I did. But now I recognize the people I find interesting, helpful, hilarious or meaningful. Everyone else is getting “unfollowed”. Sorry, I can only stand so much noise.

and a fun video about how people use twitter (@Nik_Nik makes a cameo) :

How Do You Use Twitter? from biz stone on Vimeo.

Are you using any social media? how are you using it and what services? how does it help you? are there any draw backs? Let me know via comments.