CrowsCouch first top TEN Real Estate Blogging/Social Networking/Technology all around YUMMY LIST

>> 19 December 2008

Because time is short…and there is so much information and because you can never remember where you saw that post you wanted to read later…USE this tool to keep track of all the feeds you come across that you want to read. You can star your favorites, share them with friends, be alerted to new posts, and most of all find what you were looking for! All of these resources have “subscribe” buttons….the subscribe button is your new BESTEST friend! This is number ONE.

2. From Netamorfasis- a site by Mary McKnight one of 2008s Sellcius top 10 Women Real Estate Bloggers for 2008.

3. a go to starting point for Technology in Real Estate—a watering hole of many brilliant minds sharing their goodness with you.

4.  While you are at,  start by reading this post on having a tweet plan: I can’t stress enough about using your time wisely. The temptation for many of you (and ME) is to all of the sudden be in front of the computer all day convincing ourselves that we are “working/being productive” In ALL of these things, keep an eye on what your MOST important and money making tasks are!  (sorry gentlemen, NikNik is happily married to Reggie Nicolay the social media genius at

5. More content for our clients and customers…there is so much here you can contribute to your sphere. Oh and Agents….make sure your listings are showing up here! I know our KWLS auto feeds to this cool site.

6. when it comes to marketing, well his bio page say it all and I quote:

    • writes the most popular marketing blog in the world;
    • is the author of the bestselling marketing books of the last decade;
    • speaks to large groups on marketing, new media and what's next;
    • and is the founder of, a fast-growing recommendation website

7.  ok so I find many, many things on AgentGenius’ site and I find it cool that they are here in Austin, Texas, my hometown.  I chose the subject of “Coaching” because, DUH, that is what I do and can’t help be driven to drive your mind to resources other than straight real estate that include ways to become your very best self.  From the category of “coaching” aka=673…you can find the pure homepage and explore from there – you won’t be disappointed.  Again….a gathering of many minds and authors.

8.   I promise to get back to real estate soon…but don’t they say 98% of success is the mind. Brian Tracy- well if I actually knew him in person I would say he was my HOMIE for sure. I was introduced to his books and thinking by my CPA and have never been the same since. Subscribe to his blog to consume good, healthy, life-giving mind food.

9. I have learned more about effective blogging and tweeting from this one site. @problogger was one of the first people I followed and the information and advice he gives is top notch. Excellent resources for the beginning blogger, and the experienced!

10.I'll finishing this list by Cheating—I wanted to limit my first list to TEN however as a bonafide information junkie I can’t let you not know that there is so much more out there. From http:   is a link to the Inman News’  Top 25 Most Influential Real Estate Bloggers of 2008 (Sellsius Real Estate is one of the picks) These include Brokers and Agents, Community Blogs, Mortgage,  Housing Economics, Industry Commentary, Marketing & How-to, Company, Journalist, and Housing Bubble bloggers.

11.Ok…and I have to add myself and therefore broke the limit of TEN (if you know me I’m usually pushing the limits and breaking the rules somewhat anyway).  I’m not tooting my own horn, yet, but I have been sharing coaching thoughts with, like, 12 people who read my coaching blog (actually I think I have a whopping 26 readers). My own thoughts are there, and even more important, my passion for introducing you to all these other thinkers out there.  If you visit, well, I’m just happy to be LAST on your list!

There are SO many I have left off this list….THIS time.  Don’t worry, I can’t keep my big smiling mouth shut and you may very well make the list next time! 




Sam in Austin 2:51 PM  

Wow, I'm impressed that I am already familiar with 9 of the 10 great resources you listed. As for your big smiling mouth, it goes straight to the fingers to the keyboard to the internet and then to the world - and I'm glad it does!

Allison Crow Flanigin 5:46 PM  

Sam you are the best and maybe the ONLY person that read this post! I can't wait to collaborate more with you in 09!