The Best Gift to Get at Christmas...but You Have to Give it to Yourself

>> 09 December 2008

I've noticed a difference between the agents who are working and showing up lately and the ones who have fallen off. An agent showed up today for her coaching session, with every reason in the world to have skipped. Her husband had some life threatening physical concerns and has just been released from the hospital. Insurance, Christmas, bills to be paid and a construction project mid-way--she still made time for her business and for her commitment to coaching.

Rather than using this "my husband could have died" as an excuse, she used it to drive her even more to make sure she was taking care of herself and her business and planning/prioritizing for the upcoming weeks.

I see many emergencies pull people off track...when really, the emergencies often really bring to light the face that staying on track is actually crucial. When one get's off track, they prolong the results...they prolong the end result they are working for.

Gary Keller calls it the BIG WHY. Anthony Robbins says the first step is to, "get clear about EXACTLY what you want." One of my coaches, Dianna Kokoska is always saying, "and what will that do for you....and what will for you...." on and on until the REAL reason is uncovered.

This gift giving season, give yourself the best possible gift.....find out your BIG WHY. Get clear about EXACTLY what you want....and discover what having that will DO for you.....not jut financially...but emotionally and down in your spirit. Find out what NOT getting what you want will do to your life....what will be the outcome for you, your family...your spirit.

As my favorite authors, my coaches, my mentors and my heart and mind has shown me....KNOWING...that deep the the best gift to have.