Are you Feeding your Brain with Junk Food?

>> 10 December 2008

What are you reading? What are you filling your mind with? What are you listening to in the car as you drive around town? Who do you surround yourself with? These things REALLY Matter.
What you feed your mind creates the thoughts that control your programming, thoughts, feelings and actions....and therefore the results. If you are not getting the results you are wanting...then work backwards to analyze where the break down could be. What actions are you taking/not taking? What feelings are behind the actions/inaction? What thoughts are behind those feelings? What programming is behind the thoughts?

When you read/listen to/expose yourself to great material, that if acted on, could bring out the best in you....then you are working on RE-wiring any programming that could be working against you rather than for you. The more you fill your brain with these thoughts...the more you re-enforce the behaviors that will help you become your best.

How many years did it take to wire your brain with programming that ultimately leaves you short of the results of desire over and over? So give yourself grace as you begin these me...the more consistent you are at filling your brain with the BEST, the more you will be come your best!

I'm with you in the endeavor to be the BEST version of yourself! KEEP ON!!!