I'm not fat so I hired a Coach

>> 16 November 2008

I am not fat. I have never been fat. I come from skinny people and I am a skinny person, tall too. I am the kind of girl that women hate because I am thin. We all know the saying, "looks can be deceiving...."

But I am NOT healthy. I am in a high stress, high demand, emotionally taxing position as a coach. I work even when I am not working. I eat at my desk barely chewing between bites of whatever is easy and fast. My office is far from my home and I spend much time sitting in the car in the stressful traffic. When I get home, it is dinner with the family and then usually exhausted I head to bed early, merely from a lack of energy. Even after a full 8 hours of rest, I don't want to get up, because I'm "tired."
When I do get out for fun I tire easily and have little stamina for any activity that gets my heart rate going. I have struggled with physical depression for the past 17 years. And for the last few years, I have gotten sick for at least 3 weeks straight during the weather change in the fall.

On the outside, I am a beautiful and vibrant woman, with the world at my feet....and I have been deciding for far to long to neglect my overall health, body and nutrition. I've started hundreds of times and chosen the pleasure of excuses time and time again.

I coach people for a living and as a personal passion filler. I work on my MINDSET and skills everyday. I push people to get out of their comfort zones in order go from regular to remarkable. I coach folks to recognize and eliminate and overcome limiting beliefs every day. I coach people to to build habits one day at time, that in the end will create a life time of greatness. I coach people to do what comes unnaturally so that they can have more than they ever dreamed...yet, in this ONE area I have made lousy decisions and regular excuses.

Because I believe in the power of a coach, because the rate of success is more if I have one, because even my husband, who works out regularly& eats healthy can't be responsible for this area of life, because I am determined to find the athlete in me again, because it unlikely I will do it on my own, and because I am deciding today to get help where I need it the most, I hired a fitness and nutrition coach...with the goal of making this exercise, strength and health thing a LIFESTYLE...

And I'm posting it here for my followers, and for other coaches, and for friends, and sending it to my 2 business coaches for accountability. I am committed and I need support, and health and above all affirmation...especially here in the beginning. My coach and I set the plan tomorrow night at 8:00 pm....

I am on the way to being my VERY BEST self, every day! See you at the TOP!

(did I mention that I'm afraid....I felt the fear my agents feel every day....I felt it there at the table in front of my new coach...James... I feel it now...but I am willing to tell the fear to sit down and shut up....I'm on my way to the top)


Sam Chapman 7:27 AM  

Allison - you are way smart to get back to an exercise program. When I don't exercise, I feel lousy. Every day I don exercise, I automatically feel better and have a much better start to my day. As difficult and boring as an exercise program can be, we all need to just do it. You go, AC Flan!