I heart MONDAYS ---really

>> 24 November 2008

I can't figure out why folks don't love Monday's.  I am at my PEAK on Monday mornings and I wish that for YOU too. 

I've had a weekend to rest and recharge....and usually I've done some reading that had led me to new thoughts I just HAVE to share. 

Today it is http://tickledbylife.com/index.php/keys-to-becoming-luckybeyond-belief/  really this is just another way of thinking and growing rich, changing your life by changing your thinking.   My heart is to truly practice these habits and thoughts...and to help others to do it in their lives. 

What do your Monday's look like?  Are you rearing to go and share your services with the world? Or do you dread the day?  What would have to happen to be in a state of the BEST energy you have ever had?  What can you do to create that energy and enjoy the benefits of today? 

Who are you surrounding yourself with? Is it positive thinkers who help encourage your habits of thinking abundantly, or are you actually filling your mind with weight and negativity that will drown you? Who can you seek out today to create magnetism and energy?

Who can you make feel special today?  What are you grateful for? 

I would love to hear some of your answers!