How being Sick Pays off

>> 14 November 2008

So I've had this bronchial thing the past few weeks and the last few days have been I've resigned myself to tons of meds and staying in bed. Not being one to sit still well, between Robitussin induced naps I have frequently checked Facebook. This led to thoughts of social networking (all the rage I hear) and so I Googled " Real Estate Technology."

My days are normally a scatter of coaching sessions, helping agents, updating reports, putting out fires, resetting my mind, helping agents, checking email and prioritizing returning phone calls, emails...etc.....little discipline during the day to focus on ONE thing. Being in work mode all day, I've kept my after work hours more-or-less sacred for my family and relating to them and not real estate or pixelated screens.

I've read a few interesting articles and followed a few tweeters on Twitter....I've previously posted an article I found that I thought was especially relevant for our agents right now (see below). I've connected a few fabulous agents here in Austin with each other...and I've introduced my agents to some of the ways others are actually using these social networking sites for business with some skepticism....

I know what a time sucker these social networking sights can be.....and then....PING.....I had a new message from a long lost college friend who lives in Fort Worth....thinking of moving and wanted my advice and wants me to refer her to a great agent I know and trust! So I'm seeing that if one actually uses their brain on these things....and posts their sites and ideas and thoughts might actually come.

Now if I can figure out how to easily get this link to facebook, twitter, Share this and all those other thingies......