a bit of what I'm learning from my coach.

>> 28 November 2008

12 days ago, I hired a fitness coach and I've been consistent in meeting with him, and doing what he asks of me on my own.

Today, the day after not one, but two, glutenous meals for thanksgiving, I woke up sore from my last lifting session two days ago and headed to the gym. Tuesday, I'd been very specific with him about some goals and the relatively short time line in which to achieve those (beach vacation on December 26th-- something about looking a bit firmer in a bikini).

So the last two sessions have been completely different from the first two. The weights have been heavier, the reps longer and the rest in between shorter (and of course the soreness more intense). Tuesday my coach said, "You gave me a target and we are going to hit it." while I was practically killing myself under the weight of a barbell or something. Each set I was pushed to my limits, but I did not fail. I completed the work out...and YES, I felt completely better for the rest of the day.

Today, we started again. I should have at least done some cardio yesterday because it took me about 20 minutes to get warmed up in to the weights. Again, the weights were heavier and the reps were more. James, my coach, looked at me and said, "no matter what happens and no matter what you feel today, you WILL get through this work out."

Set after set was pain and pushing myself to my limit. I became one of those grunters and actually almost cried during some shoulder work. To be honest, I was ticked at how even a 5 lb weight could make me feel so weak. In discussing this with James, he said, "no one is strong in the shoulders and this IS hard." I felt a little better. I did finish the work out....shoulders, abs and all and I felt like a champion.

This is not unlike Real Estate or anything else one strives in for greatness and here is why:

1. The sense of urgency and need for quick results. I need to be bikini ready by dec 26th. Realtors need help clients and provide for their families probably sooner than that. There is no time to wait, and the long road won't get us there soon enough. (I use the example of conversion ratios with first year agents-- if it takes 125 contact conversations to generate one appointment with a buyer or seller...and you are only making 5 contacts a day.....it will take 25 weeks to generate ONE appointment. 25 weeks is just under 6 months...and I don't know about you...but I won't wait that long for results.

2. The intensity required for fail proof results. simply put....it will take hard work. It will take sweat and effort and possibly a little pain and tears. The pain is only momentary and with each reposition the actions get easier. I must do the exercises in a precise and repetitive manner....just like lead generation. I does take mass amounts of repetition and mass amounts of practice to be productive. It isn't always fun, but today, during the extreme pain from pushing my shoulders to their limits...I could see the end result and that pulled me through. See your end result when the repetition gets boring, or hard. Let the end result pull you through.

3. I wouldn't have done it on my own. Could I have done it-- maybe. but I know had I not had an appointment with James today, I would have probably rolled into the gym and done a short 25 minutes on an elliptical machine and gone home. I would not have been as intense or as focused with out him. I would not have taken the hard road EVEN though I know that the results would be better. How many times do you take the easy road even though you know the harder path will yield better results?

If you want results, take action on the plan you and your coach set up. Do the work, and push yourself past what feels safe and easy. Fight through the pain and the frustration. Trust the process and keep your eyes on the end result...it will come. And, "No matter how bad it gets, you WILL get through this....if you don't quit."


Unknown 6:27 PM  

You are so inspiring! It is hard work, and the goal is-yikes- less than 30 days away! And, I know you can do it because you know the only way to your goal is thru the process! Keep us all posted. We're rooting for you!