Since I won't write, read this:

>> 13 October 2008

here is a complete list of my shared or starred items!

Yes....I'm busy these days.....not much time to write...more time teaching and coaching, and sharing and coaching.


Elaine's Item of Value for you all today

Elaine Garner is always so good at dropping items of VALUE on my chair. Today she dropped off a post from Brian Buffini's blog. I added him to my Reader and wanted to share his feed and this post with you. <--link to his feed

I say: “You CAN control your activities and your attitude! You can choose the path of success and avoid the VICTIM trap. Please, Please, DECIDE to work hard and smart, avoid the excuses and create the results”

here is the link to the post i enjoyed so much and what Brian Says:


Check out your real estate skills

>> 04 October 2008