Results or Excuses

>> 29 September 2008

Last Thursday I was able to attend a session of Language of Sales with Dianna Kokoszka at the Southwest Market Center. I've had this class a number of times and again, learned something new. Here 5 days later, what is sticking with me most is this phrase:

"You can have results or excuses, but you can't have both."

I'm not sure this has anything to do with the actual skills of the language of sales, but it certainly does have a lot to do with staying in sales.

You have all read the news. You all have personal issues going on at home. We all have life happening at the same time we are running this thing called a real estate business. Buyers are this...sellers are that. The market this...the market that. blah blah blah....blah...blahblahblah.

Get over it. Decide if you are going to do this real estate thing and then clothe yourself in the mindset to accomplish the daily actions that produce results and then DO those actions.

Results take you closer to what you want to achieve. They move you toward your goals.
Excuses take you further away.
--> Is your mindset taking your closer to or futher away from your goal?
---> Are your daily habits and actions taking you closer to or further away from your goals?

Gary Keller says that real estate is a lead generation business. I agree, and would also say that it is a PROBLEM SOLVING business, too. All these excuses are merely problems. YOU are a highly skilled problem solver-- now go solve the problems and get the results.

If you choose results you will find the motivated and qualified clients and close the impossible deals.
If you choose excuses, you will be wining around the water cooler how you don't have any business because of this... or that....
So please....really, you don't have time to waste with the excuses. STOP being a victim, pick your line and then focus on it....stay on that line....and get the RESULTS.
So, in the words of one of my coaches, Dianna Kokoszka, what is it going to be?

Excuses or Results?

ps.....I really hope you choose results!


Fw: must read for your players

>> 07 September 2008

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Hey Coach,


Here is a must read for the people on your couch:


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