Double Capper Day

>> 29 August 2008

It was a double capper day today: and I am proud.
Charlie Pitkin and Pearl Jones both capped today.
  • Both were 100% committed to coaching for the entire term of our agreement.
  • Both ALWAYS showed up prepared and used our coaching sessions wisely.
  • Both failed forward many times...and both made adjustments and self corrected on this path of mastering real estate, lead generation, and client care.
  • Both have succeeded in these three areas. Charlie and Pearl were accountable to me, and to them selves.
  • Both invested in education, practiced scripts regularly, kept current with the market and both were RELENTLESS~!
  • They did the work it took and both are continuing forward with coaching.
  • They also both give back to our market center. Charlie is now a Master Instructor in our market center, and has already taught many classes and helped other agents. Pearl has taught technology and marketing classes in our office many times and has also contributor her humor and creativity in our office on many occasions!

Thanks for your hard work. You deserve the honor you accomplished today..... keep moving forward!


Sam Chapman 2:20 PM  

Congrats to Charlie and Pearl. My hat is off to both of you!