Double Capper Day

>> 29 August 2008

It was a double capper day today: and I am proud.
Charlie Pitkin and Pearl Jones both capped today.
  • Both were 100% committed to coaching for the entire term of our agreement.
  • Both ALWAYS showed up prepared and used our coaching sessions wisely.
  • Both failed forward many times...and both made adjustments and self corrected on this path of mastering real estate, lead generation, and client care.
  • Both have succeeded in these three areas. Charlie and Pearl were accountable to me, and to them selves.
  • Both invested in education, practiced scripts regularly, kept current with the market and both were RELENTLESS~!
  • They did the work it took and both are continuing forward with coaching.
  • They also both give back to our market center. Charlie is now a Master Instructor in our market center, and has already taught many classes and helped other agents. Pearl has taught technology and marketing classes in our office many times and has also contributor her humor and creativity in our office on many occasions!

Thanks for your hard work. You deserve the honor you accomplished today..... keep moving forward!


friday find

found this blog today.....good stuff. read....get real....use the info...and produce!


Become Highly Skilled

>> 07 August 2008

As a new agent, if you are looking to be in this business a year from now, I'd like to recommend a few key areas of focus....give you some tips on what to practice. You do practice don't you?

3 were inspired by page 208 in my Productivity Coach Game Book and the last two I added. Then, thanks to a Golf Pro in the coaching program, I came up with an analogy for executing the focus I'm going to recommend.

Jason-- the golf pro, described to me, that in training very good golfers to raise their scores, the coaching he did, was usually centered around minor adjustments in the fundamentals. With these small changes, and with practice of those changes, golfer could make huge changes in their golf game.

Real estate is no different. Agents often just pick up the tools and start playing. They may attend some training, or complete a few intro classes. They build lousy habits but are somewhat functional on the course.

the first 3 goals I'd like to suggest are to:

  • become highly skilled in Lead Generation
  • become highly skilled in Lead Conversion
  • become highly skilled in Client Fulfillment

and the last 2 I would like to add to those are:

  • become highly knowledgeable about the industry and market conditions
  • become highly skilled at maintaining and exercising the mindset of a champion

These key 5 fundamental areas will help build a long term successful career in real estate. The key is practicing each area every single day. At the end of the day, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I practiced and executed effective Lead Generation?
  • Have I practiced and executed effective Lead Conversion?
  • Have I practiced and executed a high level of client fulfillment?
  • Have I practiced and concentrated on my champion mindset?
  • Have I studied the market and/or learned something new about the industry?

No master athlete goes to the big game without hours and hours of practice to develop the skills. As agents, we need to practice--especially in our industry because game time could be at ANY moment.

Practice a little "round of real estate" each work day--concentrate on the fundamentals relentlessly...and see if your score doesn't get better.