>> 18 July 2008

Do you want to be in the RELENTLESS CLUB?

Now, before you speak up we need to discuss what it takes to be a member of this privileged group.
Relentless means: Unyielding, un-relenting, persistent, constant, enduring.
After some time coaching agents in this business, I have found one common denominator of those who "make-it." They are simply, relentless day after day.
In real estate being relentless can be broken down in to both Mindset and Activity.
A relentless mindset includes:

  • Finding satisfaction in the progress made from small daily steps instead of waiting for a big deal to solve everything.
  • Daily, purposing in one's mind one's visions and goals- taking time to specifically visualize them coming to fruition.
  • Daily controlling self-talk and allowing only thoughts that take one toward ones goals, not away.
  • Daily gratitude.
  • Complete focus- putting your mind and activities on 20% work, 80% of the time
  • Trusting that progress comes in small steps rather than leaps and bounds
  • Being willing to shake off a lost deal, bad day, hard client....and move FORWARD
  • Seeing failure as the best way to success

Relentless activities include:

  • Daily script practice
  • Daily contact with a predetermined number of people (for most people in the relentless club the minimum is 30-- for some it is 130) 5 is a good start...but it isn't relentless
  • Daily focus on the results you want to accomplish
  • Daily checks on the market
  • Daily follow up with current leads
  • Working consistently to build a strong foundation
  • Leading with revenue
  • Delegating 12$/hr work to a 12$/hr assistant
  • Completing the most important tasks first
  • Daily Lead Generation
  • Discipline to bring yourself back on track when you veer off track

Ok.....this is a start for you to consider. Consider if you are willing. If you aren't feeling relentless, or if you aren't being relentless - what can you do to move in that direction?

More on RELENTLESS CLUB later.....

It is the weekend...."everybody buys on the weekend."