Numbers-- Take a look at them regularly

>> 02 July 2008

I haven't always been the best with data...It isn't my forte...but it has certainly been a motivator at many times.
Data does tell us the TRUTH. I often go by feelings but feelings don't always reflect the absolute. For example. It was cloudy last night. It didn't FEEL like there was a fabulous sunset falling in the sky. There was. I just couldn't see it behind the clouds. The data on the clock, and long ago registered in my brain tell me with 100% certainty, the sun did set in the evening sky.

In real estate, I want to challenge you to get out the charts, your pencils and your big chief tablet and look at the data. Look at the truth of your business.

Are you doing better than you thought?

If you knew that you were one month and one deal away, from being the TOP agent for the month....what would you do to stretch to the TOP.
Are you thinking you are productive and working smart when, while you have been busy, you haven't really been effective? Does the number of appointments correlate sufficiently to the hours you spent prospecting? Are you really prospecting, or are you piddling? If you are prospecting and not seeing a return measured by appointments set, then you may need to work on your conversion scripts and skills.... light green light. Are you leading with revenue?
Ok... enough scattered thoughts for this afternoon. I'm taking a fresh look at my numbers. They feel a little flat to me, and I've re-set goals to push beyond my current ceiling.'d better watch out! Thanks for the competition...your numbers made me look at my numbers!