Crashes not good for productivity.

>> 08 July 2008

Usually once a week I come across an agent that has had a computer crash. Computer crashes are not good for productivity. Here is a link to 5 weekly admin tasks and back up methods to help you keep your sanity and productivity running in the case of a naughty computer.

Another tip for agents: take ALL emails, documents and online records pertaining to your real estate transactions and save them to a back up disk. One disk for each transaction. Make a copy for your client as well.

Ok....back to coaching.


Sssamiam 8:50 AM  

Allison - I have been using carbonite for online back-up for almost a year and I love it. It is just $50/year and you don't need to do anything at all - it is automatic. The only issue I have is probably due to having a 4 year old computer - when the program is in back-up mode, the computer slows down. A newer PC would probably be fine. Forget the disks - get carbonite and relax.