>> 18 July 2008

Do you want to be in the RELENTLESS CLUB?

Now, before you speak up we need to discuss what it takes to be a member of this privileged group.
Relentless means: Unyielding, un-relenting, persistent, constant, enduring.
After some time coaching agents in this business, I have found one common denominator of those who "make-it." They are simply, relentless day after day.
In real estate being relentless can be broken down in to both Mindset and Activity.
A relentless mindset includes:

  • Finding satisfaction in the progress made from small daily steps instead of waiting for a big deal to solve everything.
  • Daily, purposing in one's mind one's visions and goals- taking time to specifically visualize them coming to fruition.
  • Daily controlling self-talk and allowing only thoughts that take one toward ones goals, not away.
  • Daily gratitude.
  • Complete focus- putting your mind and activities on 20% work, 80% of the time
  • Trusting that progress comes in small steps rather than leaps and bounds
  • Being willing to shake off a lost deal, bad day, hard client....and move FORWARD
  • Seeing failure as the best way to success

Relentless activities include:

  • Daily script practice
  • Daily contact with a predetermined number of people (for most people in the relentless club the minimum is 30-- for some it is 130) 5 is a good start...but it isn't relentless
  • Daily focus on the results you want to accomplish
  • Daily checks on the market
  • Daily follow up with current leads
  • Working consistently to build a strong foundation
  • Leading with revenue
  • Delegating 12$/hr work to a 12$/hr assistant
  • Completing the most important tasks first
  • Daily Lead Generation
  • Discipline to bring yourself back on track when you veer off track

Ok.....this is a start for you to consider. Consider if you are willing. If you aren't feeling relentless, or if you aren't being relentless - what can you do to move in that direction?

More on RELENTLESS CLUB later.....

It is the weekend...."everybody buys on the weekend."


Great Blog Article by Barry Owen READ IT!

>> 17 July 2008

origional post HERE since I published this from my reader

What is YOUR Zero to CAP Strategy?

My primary goal as a Career Development Coach for REALTORS (and Organizational Development Consultant) is to help each client DECLARE his/her definition of "CAP" . . . and to build a strategy to reach that CAP as quickly as possible. What I know is essential is an integrated strategy which INTENTIONALLY considers the Spiritual, Mental, Social, Emotional, Physical, and Business Well being of the "performer" . . . We simply cannot reach our goals unless they are well defined AND we are "FIT" for the challenge . . .

In the Keller Williams Realty world, the word "Cap" signifies the total amount of money that each associate must "split" to the company each year (Including royalties to the International office). This number varies slightly for each market center because all of them are independently owned and operated. In our Market Center, the number is $20,000 for a newly licensed agent . . . Why is this pertinent? In terms of annual production, we know that for a newly licensed agent to reach the cap (after which he she begins receiving 100% of every commission for the balance of the year) the volume of sales for the year will need to exceed $2,500,000.

Here are some thoughts to build strategy.

- The goal must be "Time Bound" - "I want to Cap in my first year" means that you've gotta sell ONE $200,000 every month . . . Wanna cap in 6 months? Sell TWO houses each month - or six $400,000 houses . . . Then enjoy the 100% commissions for the balance of the year :-)

I know - This is easier said than done . . . BUT . . . increase your odds of success by following the below.

- TIME BLOCK your days!

- Practice the MREA energy plan EVERY day (see my post a few days ago for details) - Wake up early, begin with Spiritual energy with meditation/prayer or simple silent thought . . . then FOCUS plan and calendar the day . . . Then EXERCISE even if it is just a 20-30 minute walk about the neighborhood . . . Then Hug Laugh and kiss your family and eat a healthy breakfast . . . Then LEAD GENERATE for 3 hours. Do ALL of this EVERY day.

- Develop your "Elevator Speech" . . . I've been on this band-wagon for a long time in my office and stumbled upon this article this morning (From the daily email)

- You've GOTTA be able to articulate in LESS THAN A MINUTE - WHO you are - WHAT you bring to the table - and the UNIQUE BENEFIT each of your clients reaps by choosing YOU to serve them.

- PLUG in to your office . . . Hang out there and talk to the active agents.

- On your way to the office each day, think of ONE QUESTION you will ask EVERYONE you see. Stay with that question all day and take good notes of responses . . . and then TAKE ACTION - Implement whatever wisdom you glean from this - IMMEDIATELY!

- Seek out 3 "Peer Partners" and get them to commit to meet with you (as a group) EVERY week for accountability - These are great people to work through your elevator speech with.

- DON'T FORGET WHO YOU WERE BEFORE YOU DECIDED TO BE A REALTOR! Honor your past and know that it is the foundation for your future. Gather knowledge and contacts from WAY BACK. You will find more leverage than you can possibly imagine to build a healthy business.

- NO WHINING! Every Time you catch yourself whining, you've gotta do "5 push-ups" (In my world that means you've gotta make contact with 5 more people before the end of the day - Our goal is 15 contacts EVERY day . . . Whine once, and you're up to 20 - Twice/25 etc)

- AFFIRM to yourself EVERY minute of EVERY day that you CAN do this. Doesn't matter to me that you just flew into town last week with only the clothes on your back not knowing a SINGLE person in town . . . Just get out there and be yourself and make contact with lots of people, and you'll be OK :-)

- Don't let yourself get mired in the details. BUILD YOUR DATABASE . . . We'll get to the details later :-)

- Don't be afraid of success. If you slip up and catch a client on your first day, set an appointment in your office and invite a seasoned agent (or your coach or Broker) to the meeting. There's no learning more valuable than "hands-on, real-life" training.

- LISTEN TO YOUR COACH . . . Don't even think about tweaking the guidance he/she gives you . . . JUST DO IT!

- BE HONEST! Don't fool yourself into thinking that you are working hard/smart if you are not . . . TRACK WHAT YOU ARE DOING and report honest numbers to your coach and accountability partners. You will only stretch yourself when you come from authenticity.

- Have a clear vision of WHY you want to succeed. Who will you "let-down" (disappoint) if you do not reach your goals? Create a "Vision Board" or scrap book with pictures of your success (Family, images of your "dream life", Things you desire) . . . Place this visual reminder PROMINENTLY in your office where you see it often.

ZERO TO CAP is NOT difficult. As with any effort worth doing, it requires a measure of discipline and personal accountability and commitment. Self integrity is the key. Don't let yourself off the hook because there is no-one out there who is going to do this for you.

I could write all day, but the clock says it's time to Hug, Kiss, Laugh and Play for a while . . . Time to wake up the kids and have some family time.

Are YOU gonna CAP this year?



Barry Owen
Career and Organizational Development coach/consultant
Principal Broker
Keller Williams Realty - Nashville, TN - Green Hills
Our "Flagship" Market Center is ALWAYS seeking great talent . . . - The Owen Group is a highly specialized team of residential REALTORS poised and ready to SERVE clients in Middle TN.


Crashes not good for productivity.

>> 08 July 2008

Usually once a week I come across an agent that has had a computer crash. Computer crashes are not good for productivity. Here is a link to 5 weekly admin tasks and back up methods to help you keep your sanity and productivity running in the case of a naughty computer.

Another tip for agents: take ALL emails, documents and online records pertaining to your real estate transactions and save them to a back up disk. One disk for each transaction. Make a copy for your client as well.

Ok....back to coaching.


Numbers-- Take a look at them regularly

>> 02 July 2008

I haven't always been the best with data...It isn't my forte...but it has certainly been a motivator at many times.
Data does tell us the TRUTH. I often go by feelings but feelings don't always reflect the absolute. For example. It was cloudy last night. It didn't FEEL like there was a fabulous sunset falling in the sky. There was. I just couldn't see it behind the clouds. The data on the clock, and long ago registered in my brain tell me with 100% certainty, the sun did set in the evening sky.

In real estate, I want to challenge you to get out the charts, your pencils and your big chief tablet and look at the data. Look at the truth of your business.

Are you doing better than you thought?

If you knew that you were one month and one deal away, from being the TOP agent for the month....what would you do to stretch to the TOP.
Are you thinking you are productive and working smart when, while you have been busy, you haven't really been effective? Does the number of appointments correlate sufficiently to the hours you spent prospecting? Are you really prospecting, or are you piddling? If you are prospecting and not seeing a return measured by appointments set, then you may need to work on your conversion scripts and skills.... light green light. Are you leading with revenue?
Ok... enough scattered thoughts for this afternoon. I'm taking a fresh look at my numbers. They feel a little flat to me, and I've re-set goals to push beyond my current ceiling.'d better watch out! Thanks for the competition...your numbers made me look at my numbers!