Seth's Blog and Superman

>> 18 June 2008

Today was an excellent full day. A two hour Agent Leadership Council Meeting but all good stuff. No coffee pot issues. Then, 4 rich and intense coaching sessions. Thank goodness for the 3:00 pm birthday celebration and delicious Boston creme pie dotted with M&M's. Life at KW....on to other interesting things:

I wanted to point you to a blog post (be sure to come back and finish reading) by Seth Godin called SUPERHEROS. I especially enjoy and relate to the last 2 paragraphs.

Crash Test Dummies (one of my all time favorite bands) also wrote a song about superhero's. Superman Song was the name of the song. Once, I heard a talk at an inner-city youth camp where I used to work about this song. It compares Tarzan and Superman. I won't go into the details yet, I'm curious to see what you hear first. Listen to the words carefully. Let me know your thoughts...really what message do you hear?

(bonus geek points for knowing who Solomon Grundy is without googling him..and NO that doesn't have anything to do with the message of the song).