Pick Your Line

>> 13 June 2008

At one point in my life, I spent a few summers trying to mountain bike. Now, being rather bike handicapped thanks to a major childhood bike accident that ended up in a broken jaw and 900 stitches in my face.....this whole bike thing was a challenge for me. I'm not usually afraid to tackle my fears....so off on the mountain bike I went.

I noticed that I was always HITTING the big rocks rather than avoiding them. I was also hitting the big potholes, too. Of course this didn't make for the best experiences on the mountain bike trails-- especially for someone who was prone to fall off bikes easily. You can tell my angst from the photo, can't you?

One day, during a bout of frustration and fear from hitting another big rock, despite focusing SO intently on "NOT HITTING THE ROCK," a friend told me,

"You keep hitting the rocks because that is EXACTLY what you are focusing on. When you say to your self, 'don't hit the rock,' that is what you do because your mind has fixated on that path."

I didn't understand. I was focusing on NOT hitting the dang rocks.

"Pick your line," he told me. "See the line you want the bike to follow and focus on that line."

Sure enough, picking my line worked. Focus on what you DO want...not so much on what you are trying to avoid. It works. I'm much better at riding these two wheeled machines....and much better at getting where I want to go while having a smooth ride.

I find it is the same thing in Real Estate. Pick your line. Focus on what you want. See the vision, establish the path and head out.
Once you pick the line, the ride feels more like this:

Ok...so I have a little support here in holding my line....
.....maybe that could be like having a coach?


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