bad days, thoroughbreds and mules

>> 04 June 2008

After a few days of self discovery, coaching, coaching, and more coaching I have come to a few realizations:
Dianna had a funny at the end of our call Monday: "You can tap a thoroughbred on the rear and it will go 0-90 real quick and never quit running. But you can beat a mule over and over and it still won't budge."

In fact, I may care more about your business than you do. I'm letting that go.
Every little bit we accomplish, makes a BIG difference.
My goal is to empower you to move you in the direction of your dreams....and if those dreams are not formed, my goal is to move you in the direction of considering and discovering what they may be.

I made the mistake of letting others non-motivation affect my motivation.
Thanks for that too, Dianna, my coach!

A few other truths that I was reminded of that helped this week:

  1. Programming ---> Thoughts---->Feelings----> Actions-----> Results--->Programming.
  2. 90% of people will move away from pain
  3. only 10% will move toward pleasure
  4. there is a reason why mules don't run in the Triple Crown races.....

I'm REmotivated. I'm REminded. I'm REset, and REady.

Thanks Dianna, Izzy, Charity, Mary Lynne. Thanks Ric. Thanks Hickory Run Neighbors ...thanks Bill, and thanks Sex and the City Movie(this is a whole other blog post).

Can you call the last bad day you had a complete success at moving you forward in life? If not, get a coach or two, be around peers who are moving in the same direction that your are. Attend training. Find support...and stretch your mind space.

That was the best bad day I've ever had!