Are you WILLING to do what it takes

>> 13 May 2008

Many a new agent has asked a seasoned and successful agent "How did you do become so successful." The answer isn't exactly what one does, but if they are simply WILLING to do it.

Amber is an example of an agent who is WILLING. She saw the path and chose to take it exactly as it was taught to her. The POWER OF ONE. ONE thing....lead generation. 3 hours a day.

One thing I know for sure, is that Amber will be lead generating in the mornings. Door shut, on the phone, contacting clients, following up with her database, calling expireds and builders.

In 7 months she has had amazing results. Amber is an individual agent. See her email below:

I have to give you this update:
Since I was a member of your flagship group that took the 36:12:3 training I wanted to pass this wonderful information on to you.
Since starting the class on October 17th
2007, I have closed 24 transactions!!!!!!!!! (33 if you include my closed
leases) I think this is absolutely amazing! Still having five
months to get to my goal of the 36 transaction in twelve months doing three
hours of lead generation a day, I know I will surpass it!!!
Thank you for showing me
the importance of lead results can show
others what taking this class and actually doing what it says (duh)
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Amber Hart, Realtor, BA

Keller Williams Realty

You can have the same, if you are WILLING to do what it takes. It takes ONE thing. Lead generation, faithfully, systematically, daily. It works.

Amber, I'm proud of you for doing the work. You deserve all the results you have accomplished!


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