Everybody needs a Ms. Moss

>> 24 April 2008

Busy, overwhelmed, stressed, overloaded, disorganized? Agent? Coach? Everyone can use a Ms. Moss.

I can not do it ALL. No matter how bad A I think I am, it simply isn't possible to accomplish it all in a day, a week, a month. When I try to do all that 80% work, the supportive work, the important work doesn't get done. MY JOB IS PRODUCTIVITY COACH.

My advice: Get a Ms. Moss

If you can't afford one, find someone to share the cost and time with. My Team Leader and I both needed a Ms. Moss. We didn't each have enough work to hire her full time, but we could afford, and did have enough work for one day a week! We also were able to share her with a few of our agents in the office! Ms. Moss has "purpose" again, she told me. And we have the help and love we need to be our best at taking care of our agents.

Here is my Team Leader, Mary Lynne Gibbs before Ms. Moss:

Here is Mary Lynne after Ms. Moss: