Are you doing your Very BEST

>> 24 April 2008

This morning in addition to my affirmations, I also was re-reading the "Characteristics of Great Coach" from my Game Book for Productivity Coaches. Point number 2 is "Expect the best of each and every client and if they are not doing their best, a good coach will ask them to."

And so is born my "question of the day." Are you doing your very best?

My personality tends to tell rather than ask and I have been working very hard on CURIOSITY for the last few years. Both personally, and professionally. I have found that questions truly are more powerful than TELLING.

  • And so I wonder, are you doing your very best?
  • Do you know what YOUR very best looks like?
  • What would it take to be one step closer to your very best?
  • What standard do you hold your self to?
  • Why would you be willing to live or be less than your best?
  • What do you believe about yourself that keeps you from being or doing your best?
  • If you are not living up to your best self, who in your life is it affecting?

Of course it is all a balance. There is angst in not being your best. There is also pressure in not giving yourself grace to be human. Seek the balance in between of just being fully who you are at all of your potential. There is peace in that, I believe. To know at the end of the day, you have done your best...well, not a bad way to end the day.