>> 21 February 2008

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Who cares more about your business than

Barry Owen (Keller Williams
Realty) 6:38 AM -
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If you are fully committed to having a life worth
living, a career worth having and a business worth owning, then you are (by
definition) a PRODUCTIVITY WARRIOR - and you are purposefully moving along
practicing daily FOCUS, ACCOUNTABILITY, and Establishing healthy RITUALS
The accountability part is the one that is most
difficult for most of us. In a nutshell, accountability is about telling someone
else what you are going to do . . . DO IT . . . and meet with that
accountability partner periodically (Weekly) to report progress, challenges and
successes. Of course, ANYONE can be that accountability partner - Spouse,
Friend, Work Associate, Boss, Mentor, Coach . . . ANYONE who you know can be
tough with you when you don't deliver the goods you are promising yourself (and
those who rely on you).
A coach's "job" is to challenge the performer (you)
and hold you accountable to your own standard. A coach cannot DO your dream for
you, and there is absolutely NOTHING a coach can do for you if you don't show
up. I heard a great quote yesterday that drives this point HOME:
Coach: "I
feel like I care more about your business than YOU do!"
This comes from a
coach talking to a coachee who is missing appointments and/or not doing as
promised (or reporting that he/she is doing stuff that isn't actually being
done). A coach cannot help you if you don't pitch in and PERFORM. If you are in
a coaching or accountability relationship, and you are not seeing SIGNIFICANT
improvement in your performance, odds are good that the missing link is
ACCOUNTABILITY. Either you are fooling yourself and coach (fudging your numbers)
. . . or the coaching relationship might need some tweaking.
Your coach
is not your "Friend" . . . Your coach is your ACCOUNTABILITY PERSONIFIED . . .
Seth Godin talks a lot about knowing when to quit. I say that a good
indicator for this would be your willingness to be held accountable by a coach,
Mentor, or peer partner. If you are not willing to be accountable for your
performance to someone else (outside your body), then perhaps it's time to think
about what you're doing? Do you REALLY have passion for this, or is it time to
move on?
It's all about adding definition to YOUR world - WHO ARE YOU? What's
the highest and best use of YOU while you're here among the living on this
planet? As Gary Keller says, you have NO idea how long you have to live . . .
you might as well make the best use of EVERY minute you have here.