Work the System and it will WORK for you.

>> 07 January 2008

Just today I have come across 2 agents who have had a recent explosion of listings and business. One is accountable to me. He has to turn in numbers to me on a weekly business. About a month ago, he decided that he was going to amp up his contact efforts and actively pursue appointments. This week he has 2 new listings and one new buyer appt.

The other one is an agent in my Lead Generation 36:12:3 small group. She worked all through the holidays by her own choice. She knew everyone else would be resting back. Today she has exploded with 7 Listings, 3 lease listings and 4 clients under contract. She also took an expired listing last week that 2 other GREAT agents have already had. She came to the table with out of the box thinking, and today, she has that home under contract. Her out of the box thinking not only got her the listing, but it also brought a contract to her clients!

Both of these agents are willing to do what others didn't. Funny thing is, it is simply the work of real estate. And guess what, it WORKS. If you do the work, you get the reward. Not just the commissions earned, but the clients PLEASED and taken care of and while the earnings are important and nice, the satisfaction of taking care of your clients really is satisfying as well.

Congrats to you agents who are working. I'm confident in the success of your businesses. I'm proud of you. You are examples of working the systems that our company has given us. You are examples of people who use the tools and resources. You are using your skills and gifts and you are taking care of your clients.