What the Agents say...a contribution from Charlie

>> 11 January 2008

By Charlie Pitkin

"So far in my quest to figure out this real estate business I’ve already had my several emotional ups and downs. A new thought or plan had been an almost daily occurrence since I left my corporate job behind for good. I planned on trading in the long hours and the frustrating demands of a million metrics for the glory and ease of real estate. There had to be a swift idea or plan that would yield immediate results and cause people to willingly call me for help. This proved to be wrong, dead wrong. Not only did people not call , I noticed that calling and emailing people didn’t seem to be working either.

One day I was watching the movie “We are Marshall” which is the story of the Marshall Football’s comeback after the entire team died in a plane crash. In one scene Mathew McConaughey, who played the new football coach, was talking to his athletic director about the NCAA’s refusal to give Marshall an recruiting rule exemption. After several failed attempts the Athletic Director was deflated and at the verge of giving up. McConaughey asked the AD if he had proposed to his wife over the phone, “Of course not!”, said the AD. In that case, what makes you think the NCAA give you the ruling you want over the phone? Needless to say the AD flew out to the NCAA headquarters and was able to get the decision they wanted.

A couple weeks later I was having a conversation with a fellow agent. The topic was lead generation. He made the comment that quality of your lead generation needs to be judged solely by the number of appointments you are generating during that time. In other words, lead generation should really be called “appointment generation.” Lead generation without the goal of an appointment is simply chatter.

As I pondered that I remembered the quote from We are Marshall, “Important proposals need to be made in person not through any other medium.” That’s when my big “AHA” came! I couldn’t possibly expect a person to gain a good enough impression of me over the phone to make a major decision. Our job is not to sell ourselves and our services over the phone, it’s to sell the appointment. Now, when I get ready to make calls I don’t say to myself, ”How can I convince this person to use me or give me referrals” I say, “How would meeting with me benefit them”? That’s a much easier conversation to have. They say 80% of language is your body language. It’s what easily tells one’s motivation, integrity, character, and self esteem. My clients use all these things to determine if I’m going to be their Realtor. It also means that’s all the less information I don’t have to verbally communicate over the phone if I meet with them in person.

So there it is, plain as day, yet I was waiting for a wizard like idea that would spark my business. Maybe that will one day come, but I now realize technology, flashy marketing, and amazing offers really don’t sell you, they sell a opportunity for you to meet with people. That personal contact is what this business is all about. Spend three hours a day lead generating with the sole goal of face to face appointments with people whom you can help."


Sam 10:47 AM  

Very well said, and more agents need to understand Charlie's point.