naughty or nice, football and such.

>> 04 January 2008

Christmas has passed and Santa Clause has already come, so I don't have to be as nice right now. Maybe that is why I've been a little on the coarse side the last week.

The reality is, I'm a coach. Not so much a cheerleader. Cheerleaders stand on the sidelines and encourage you. These days, they dance around, and smile big smiles, and rah....rah.....rah. Now I'm not saying they don't have their place. I was one in 8th grade and I suppose the Dallas Cowboys wouldn't be the same with out their famously blue and silver clad cheerleaders. However, if the cheerleaders were responsible for the outcome of the game, if they were responsible for working with the players, what would that game look like? (It really isn't fair for me to make football analogies. First, I'm a basketball girl. Second I don't follow it at all).

Actually, I was good at basketball, once. All state for 4 years and MVP my senior year. I had a great Coach. A former UT Lady Longhorn and Olympic Basketball player. She pushed me, she drilled me, she believed in me, she ran me, and ran me, and ran me. Coach Rochester also taught me skills -usually through repetitive drills and practice. Over and over, day after day. If we missed practice we saw nothing but the bench for the games. When I was in a game, if Coach needed my attention, and she had this whistle that could crack a crystal. She'd be forceful and strong from the sidelines. Where would it have gotten me if she was simply supportive? If she had just cheered me on from the stands? I needed her riding me and pushing and pushing. I needed her loud, re-directing words, and her experience on the court. She couldn't come do it for me, but she could the voice in my ear and on many occasions was and I listened, and for that I did alright on the court.


I'f I'm coarse or hard on you right now, it is because I can't bear to watch you keep doing what you are doing when I know you need to step it up a notch for YOURSELF. This business it to expensive to stay in, if you aren't going to do the work it takes for the grand rewards. And yes, the rewards can be grand, but I'll guarantee you, they are NOT with out the work. This is not a get rich quick business. This job costs MONEY to be in, so you'd better put in a full and productive work week so that you can earn something. If you think because you have a bonified real estate licence that buyer's and sellers will come find you, you will starve....and pay the local board and state board and your broker to do it.

If I stand on the sidelines watching you be less than I KNOW YOU CAN BE, and say, "way to go, you can do it, don't worry you will close something one of these days." then I'm not doing you any good.

I would love to get paid for staying home and watching Oprah and Ellen, but it just doesnt work that way.

By the way, I DO have some CHEERING! I've seen some of you working, practicing your skills, doing things you have never tried before, showing up to work early and lead generating. I've seen you treating your business like a job...and the best part is....I've seen you helping clients close on their homes! Way to go. Don't stop. And if you get off track, I'll be here to help with my whistle, quick & loud, to re-direct you to the path that will help you be your BEST you.

You don't have to do it alone, but you do need to take responsibility for yourslef and to take action on your own behalf. former Dallas Cowboys coach, Tom Landry, said, 'A coach is someone who gets you to do what you don't want to do, so you can be who you want to be.' Thanks Coach Landry.