lightbulb moment

>> 23 January 2008

I only have a few moments, but I had this "lightbulb moment" today. At KW we call them "ah-has."

Earlier this week Mark Willis was speaking to our Market Center. He is the CEO of our company. He mentioned the quote, "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what we make of it."

I so agree, and my moment this morning was that, we in real estate, are so profoundly blessed to be in this industry where anything is possible. So many other industries, that 10% of what happens to you is extremely rigid and confining, holding people back through the bureaucracy of red tape. I can't help but think of my teacher fianc'e. He's been teaching for 20 years. He said to me the other day, "They won't even let us teach. We are doing all this other stuff because if we don't we get fired." How can that not steal your joy.

Anyway, back to real estate. At the end of the day, we do get to do our core and favorite parts of this profession if we choose to. Yes we have MLXchange problems, yes we have day's when everything falls apart in our contracts, but we still can do the practices of our profession that get our hearts pumping. We are lucky that our 10% isn't as rigid as many other industries or professions. "We'd better be making the most of that 90% how we react to it." ... Not to mention the limitless possibilities for financial success in this industry. There is no ceiling, or having to wait for the state to pay your retirement. We have the opportunity to create it for ourselves. I love having a hand in my day, and in my future. I'm grateful to have so many options available to me in this industry. to go make the most of my day.