Do you want to watch or do you want to ride?

>> 09 January 2008

Barry Owen, a fellow productivity coach from Nashville, TN, put a smile on my face this morning with his blog about the players in real estate and surfing. Playful, creative and true. Enjoy this read:

I took surfing lessons last summer in San Diego. I remember listening to my instructor (not the cute young one but the ancient and experienced dude who claimed to have invented snowboarding in the 60's). Anyway, he gave some basic instruction and showed me a few of the options for actually getting up on the board. His way didn't completely work for me, and neither did my way. In the end, a combination of his tried and true method and my unique tweaking of it, helped me get up-- albeit briefly.
I remember at first, the water being very cold causing me to doubt my self for even trying. Once I threw all caution to the wind and got out there, the cold went away and I all could focus on was getting up on that board. Waves beating me up, knocking me down, wearing me out. It was one of those "I FEEL ALIVE" experiences. Writing about it now brings the racing heart back just a bit.
Barry, you are right. Real estate is like that. I want to be a surfer. wait....I AM a surfer. Beat up at times, knocked down at times, but somehow more charged by getting up again, honing my skills and going out there and DOING it. I always find my glide.
The other option...I just don't think I'd feel quite as alive sitting on the beach and watching the show.
Hang Loose,