Conversion Ratios- How many Contacts do you need to make?

>> 07 January 2008

The following conversion rations are taken from information in my Gamebook For Productivity Coaches by Keller Williams Realty Inc., & MAPS

For a newer agent 0-1 year experience:
125 contacts need to be made to get ONE appointment.

Before going in to any kind of conversion ratio for closing those appointments, I have a question:

How many contacts did you make last week? At that rate, how long will it take to get ONE appointment?

If the average newer agent converts only 45% of the listing appointments taken, then how many appointments would you need to get just to get a listings? Then, if that listing was taken, and 60% of them sell at an average of 100 days on the market, go back to the beginning.

More sales are because of more listings are because of more listing appointments are because of MANY MANY MANY contacts!

Think about that run-on sentence and then go make some contacts!

Oh and that equals about 25 contacts a DAY. Email doesnt count. :)