are you in or out?

>> 24 January 2008

To all the agents in the coaching program,
I wanted to share with you a page from my coaching manual. It is the top 15 mistakes Real Estate agents make. I find these to be true not just on paper but in practice every day.
I’m missing some of you agents. I haven’t seen you in a while and I worry. It does cost money to be in this business, and it can take some time to get this JUMBO JET of Production off of the ground. I want to encourage you to RE-COMMIT to your business, you job as a REALTOR. If you were working for an employer, would you still have a job? If not, then let’s get back in gear. I do, truly want you to have all the success this business can give you. HOWEVER, it DOES TAKE EFFORT. Call me to get back on the calendar and back in gear.

If you are new, please realize that there IS tons of information, it is OVERWHELMING. Come be involved. I’m dismayed at how few new agents attend rising stars on Monday. Here is where we answer all of those questions that you have. If you need some structure, look back to your PLAY BOOK. Page 34 is the first 100 Days checklist. WORK through that! Trust the systems that have worked for the successful people who have gone before you, PLEASE.

Ok, here are the top 15 Mistakes agents make.

1. Being generally unprepared for the business of being a real estate agent, by not fully understanding they are now self-employed and what actions are necessary to be a successful real estate consultant.
2. Not arming themselves with the necessary tools of the trade
3. Trying to start their Real Estate business on a part-time basis
4. Not having a business plan or strategy (How many appts MUST you have a WEEK to make the money you want or need)
5. Lack of proper funding, income buffer or savings to support them until the prosper
6. Reducing their commissions
7. Taking overpriced listings
8. Spending too much money on ineffective marketing and advertising
9. Choosing the wrong broker for the wrong reasons
10. Failure to seek referrals from satisfied customers (and from your list of people who know and who know you)
11. Failure to obtain comprehensive, post-licensing training for new agents
12. Failure to fully understand the sale and purchase contract and addendums and disclosures
14. Failure to have a mastered listing presentation
15. Failure to have a mastered buyer presentation