are you in or out?

>> 24 January 2008

To all the agents in the coaching program,
I wanted to share with you a page from my coaching manual. It is the top 15 mistakes Real Estate agents make. I find these to be true not just on paper but in practice every day.
I’m missing some of you agents. I haven’t seen you in a while and I worry. It does cost money to be in this business, and it can take some time to get this JUMBO JET of Production off of the ground. I want to encourage you to RE-COMMIT to your business, you job as a REALTOR. If you were working for an employer, would you still have a job? If not, then let’s get back in gear. I do, truly want you to have all the success this business can give you. HOWEVER, it DOES TAKE EFFORT. Call me to get back on the calendar and back in gear.

If you are new, please realize that there IS tons of information, it is OVERWHELMING. Come be involved. I’m dismayed at how few new agents attend rising stars on Monday. Here is where we answer all of those questions that you have. If you need some structure, look back to your PLAY BOOK. Page 34 is the first 100 Days checklist. WORK through that! Trust the systems that have worked for the successful people who have gone before you, PLEASE.

Ok, here are the top 15 Mistakes agents make.

1. Being generally unprepared for the business of being a real estate agent, by not fully understanding they are now self-employed and what actions are necessary to be a successful real estate consultant.
2. Not arming themselves with the necessary tools of the trade
3. Trying to start their Real Estate business on a part-time basis
4. Not having a business plan or strategy (How many appts MUST you have a WEEK to make the money you want or need)
5. Lack of proper funding, income buffer or savings to support them until the prosper
6. Reducing their commissions
7. Taking overpriced listings
8. Spending too much money on ineffective marketing and advertising
9. Choosing the wrong broker for the wrong reasons
10. Failure to seek referrals from satisfied customers (and from your list of people who know and who know you)
11. Failure to obtain comprehensive, post-licensing training for new agents
12. Failure to fully understand the sale and purchase contract and addendums and disclosures
14. Failure to have a mastered listing presentation
15. Failure to have a mastered buyer presentation


lightbulb moment

>> 23 January 2008

I only have a few moments, but I had this "lightbulb moment" today. At KW we call them "ah-has."

Earlier this week Mark Willis was speaking to our Market Center. He is the CEO of our company. He mentioned the quote, "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what we make of it."

I so agree, and my moment this morning was that, we in real estate, are so profoundly blessed to be in this industry where anything is possible. So many other industries, that 10% of what happens to you is extremely rigid and confining, holding people back through the bureaucracy of red tape. I can't help but think of my teacher fianc'e. He's been teaching for 20 years. He said to me the other day, "They won't even let us teach. We are doing all this other stuff because if we don't we get fired." How can that not steal your joy.

Anyway, back to real estate. At the end of the day, we do get to do our core and favorite parts of this profession if we choose to. Yes we have MLXchange problems, yes we have day's when everything falls apart in our contracts, but we still can do the practices of our profession that get our hearts pumping. We are lucky that our 10% isn't as rigid as many other industries or professions. "We'd better be making the most of that 90% how we react to it." ... Not to mention the limitless possibilities for financial success in this industry. There is no ceiling, or having to wait for the state to pay your retirement. We have the opportunity to create it for ourselves. I love having a hand in my day, and in my future. I'm grateful to have so many options available to me in this industry. to go make the most of my day.


What the Agents say...a contribution from Charlie

>> 11 January 2008

By Charlie Pitkin

"So far in my quest to figure out this real estate business I’ve already had my several emotional ups and downs. A new thought or plan had been an almost daily occurrence since I left my corporate job behind for good. I planned on trading in the long hours and the frustrating demands of a million metrics for the glory and ease of real estate. There had to be a swift idea or plan that would yield immediate results and cause people to willingly call me for help. This proved to be wrong, dead wrong. Not only did people not call , I noticed that calling and emailing people didn’t seem to be working either.

One day I was watching the movie “We are Marshall” which is the story of the Marshall Football’s comeback after the entire team died in a plane crash. In one scene Mathew McConaughey, who played the new football coach, was talking to his athletic director about the NCAA’s refusal to give Marshall an recruiting rule exemption. After several failed attempts the Athletic Director was deflated and at the verge of giving up. McConaughey asked the AD if he had proposed to his wife over the phone, “Of course not!”, said the AD. In that case, what makes you think the NCAA give you the ruling you want over the phone? Needless to say the AD flew out to the NCAA headquarters and was able to get the decision they wanted.

A couple weeks later I was having a conversation with a fellow agent. The topic was lead generation. He made the comment that quality of your lead generation needs to be judged solely by the number of appointments you are generating during that time. In other words, lead generation should really be called “appointment generation.” Lead generation without the goal of an appointment is simply chatter.

As I pondered that I remembered the quote from We are Marshall, “Important proposals need to be made in person not through any other medium.” That’s when my big “AHA” came! I couldn’t possibly expect a person to gain a good enough impression of me over the phone to make a major decision. Our job is not to sell ourselves and our services over the phone, it’s to sell the appointment. Now, when I get ready to make calls I don’t say to myself, ”How can I convince this person to use me or give me referrals” I say, “How would meeting with me benefit them”? That’s a much easier conversation to have. They say 80% of language is your body language. It’s what easily tells one’s motivation, integrity, character, and self esteem. My clients use all these things to determine if I’m going to be their Realtor. It also means that’s all the less information I don’t have to verbally communicate over the phone if I meet with them in person.

So there it is, plain as day, yet I was waiting for a wizard like idea that would spark my business. Maybe that will one day come, but I now realize technology, flashy marketing, and amazing offers really don’t sell you, they sell a opportunity for you to meet with people. That personal contact is what this business is all about. Spend three hours a day lead generating with the sole goal of face to face appointments with people whom you can help."


I want a green thumb too!

Barry Owen, you've done it again. I want to bring my plants back to life!

If your business is feeling like this plant,

Find your coach, call on your mentor, get some support!
So that your plant can look like this again ------------>

I'm thankful for the community of other coaches. I'm thankful for MY coach. I couldn't do it without you!


Do you want to watch or do you want to ride?

>> 09 January 2008

Barry Owen, a fellow productivity coach from Nashville, TN, put a smile on my face this morning with his blog about the players in real estate and surfing. Playful, creative and true. Enjoy this read:

I took surfing lessons last summer in San Diego. I remember listening to my instructor (not the cute young one but the ancient and experienced dude who claimed to have invented snowboarding in the 60's). Anyway, he gave some basic instruction and showed me a few of the options for actually getting up on the board. His way didn't completely work for me, and neither did my way. In the end, a combination of his tried and true method and my unique tweaking of it, helped me get up-- albeit briefly.
I remember at first, the water being very cold causing me to doubt my self for even trying. Once I threw all caution to the wind and got out there, the cold went away and I all could focus on was getting up on that board. Waves beating me up, knocking me down, wearing me out. It was one of those "I FEEL ALIVE" experiences. Writing about it now brings the racing heart back just a bit.
Barry, you are right. Real estate is like that. I want to be a surfer. wait....I AM a surfer. Beat up at times, knocked down at times, but somehow more charged by getting up again, honing my skills and going out there and DOING it. I always find my glide.
The other option...I just don't think I'd feel quite as alive sitting on the beach and watching the show.
Hang Loose,


Conversion Ratios- How many Contacts do you need to make?

>> 07 January 2008

The following conversion rations are taken from information in my Gamebook For Productivity Coaches by Keller Williams Realty Inc., & MAPS

For a newer agent 0-1 year experience:
125 contacts need to be made to get ONE appointment.

Before going in to any kind of conversion ratio for closing those appointments, I have a question:

How many contacts did you make last week? At that rate, how long will it take to get ONE appointment?

If the average newer agent converts only 45% of the listing appointments taken, then how many appointments would you need to get just to get a listings? Then, if that listing was taken, and 60% of them sell at an average of 100 days on the market, go back to the beginning.

More sales are because of more listings are because of more listing appointments are because of MANY MANY MANY contacts!

Think about that run-on sentence and then go make some contacts!

Oh and that equals about 25 contacts a DAY. Email doesnt count. :)


Work the System and it will WORK for you.

Just today I have come across 2 agents who have had a recent explosion of listings and business. One is accountable to me. He has to turn in numbers to me on a weekly business. About a month ago, he decided that he was going to amp up his contact efforts and actively pursue appointments. This week he has 2 new listings and one new buyer appt.

The other one is an agent in my Lead Generation 36:12:3 small group. She worked all through the holidays by her own choice. She knew everyone else would be resting back. Today she has exploded with 7 Listings, 3 lease listings and 4 clients under contract. She also took an expired listing last week that 2 other GREAT agents have already had. She came to the table with out of the box thinking, and today, she has that home under contract. Her out of the box thinking not only got her the listing, but it also brought a contract to her clients!

Both of these agents are willing to do what others didn't. Funny thing is, it is simply the work of real estate. And guess what, it WORKS. If you do the work, you get the reward. Not just the commissions earned, but the clients PLEASED and taken care of and while the earnings are important and nice, the satisfaction of taking care of your clients really is satisfying as well.

Congrats to you agents who are working. I'm confident in the success of your businesses. I'm proud of you. You are examples of working the systems that our company has given us. You are examples of people who use the tools and resources. You are using your skills and gifts and you are taking care of your clients.


maybe that coaching worked a little

>> 05 January 2008


naughty or nice, football and such.

>> 04 January 2008

Christmas has passed and Santa Clause has already come, so I don't have to be as nice right now. Maybe that is why I've been a little on the coarse side the last week.

The reality is, I'm a coach. Not so much a cheerleader. Cheerleaders stand on the sidelines and encourage you. These days, they dance around, and smile big smiles, and rah....rah.....rah. Now I'm not saying they don't have their place. I was one in 8th grade and I suppose the Dallas Cowboys wouldn't be the same with out their famously blue and silver clad cheerleaders. However, if the cheerleaders were responsible for the outcome of the game, if they were responsible for working with the players, what would that game look like? (It really isn't fair for me to make football analogies. First, I'm a basketball girl. Second I don't follow it at all).

Actually, I was good at basketball, once. All state for 4 years and MVP my senior year. I had a great Coach. A former UT Lady Longhorn and Olympic Basketball player. She pushed me, she drilled me, she believed in me, she ran me, and ran me, and ran me. Coach Rochester also taught me skills -usually through repetitive drills and practice. Over and over, day after day. If we missed practice we saw nothing but the bench for the games. When I was in a game, if Coach needed my attention, and she had this whistle that could crack a crystal. She'd be forceful and strong from the sidelines. Where would it have gotten me if she was simply supportive? If she had just cheered me on from the stands? I needed her riding me and pushing and pushing. I needed her loud, re-directing words, and her experience on the court. She couldn't come do it for me, but she could the voice in my ear and on many occasions was and I listened, and for that I did alright on the court.


I'f I'm coarse or hard on you right now, it is because I can't bear to watch you keep doing what you are doing when I know you need to step it up a notch for YOURSELF. This business it to expensive to stay in, if you aren't going to do the work it takes for the grand rewards. And yes, the rewards can be grand, but I'll guarantee you, they are NOT with out the work. This is not a get rich quick business. This job costs MONEY to be in, so you'd better put in a full and productive work week so that you can earn something. If you think because you have a bonified real estate licence that buyer's and sellers will come find you, you will starve....and pay the local board and state board and your broker to do it.

If I stand on the sidelines watching you be less than I KNOW YOU CAN BE, and say, "way to go, you can do it, don't worry you will close something one of these days." then I'm not doing you any good.

I would love to get paid for staying home and watching Oprah and Ellen, but it just doesnt work that way.

By the way, I DO have some CHEERING! I've seen some of you working, practicing your skills, doing things you have never tried before, showing up to work early and lead generating. I've seen you treating your business like a job...and the best part is....I've seen you helping clients close on their homes! Way to go. Don't stop. And if you get off track, I'll be here to help with my whistle, quick & loud, to re-direct you to the path that will help you be your BEST you.

You don't have to do it alone, but you do need to take responsibility for yourslef and to take action on your own behalf. former Dallas Cowboys coach, Tom Landry, said, 'A coach is someone who gets you to do what you don't want to do, so you can be who you want to be.' Thanks Coach Landry.


another Brian Tracy nugget

>> 03 January 2008

Financial Success Is Not An Accident
The Law of Cause and Effect applies to money as much as to any other subject. This law says that financial success is an effect. As such, it proceeds from certain, specific causes. When you identify these causes and implement them in your own life and activities, you will get the same effects that hundreds of thousands, and even millions of others have gotten. You can achieve whatever level of affluence you really want if you will just do what others have done before you to achieve the same results. And if you don't, you won't. It is as simple as that.


you are missing out

If you aren't lead generating, you are missing business. If you aren't closing deals, you are missing money that is out there. If you are doing what you have always done, and think it is going to get you somewhere you have never been, you might need to check your thinking.

If you aren't willing to put in the time to work a little bit, are you expecting to get paid for it?

If you are waiting for leads to come to you, will you be dissapointed when those who are looking for leads intercept those leads.

You have the ability to start today. Care about your business, find your motivation and get in to action. If you don't know what direction to go, find some help. Our culture is supportive of you and ready to help direct you. We won't do the work for you, that is still your responsibility, but we will give you every bit of direction we have.

TEAM- together everyone achieves more. Are you all alone in this? Well, as Bruce Morgan from Kids Across America used to say, "Even the Lone Ranger needed Tonto."