12 Things to Stop Doing in 2009 | chrisbrogan.com

>> 29 December 2008


  And this Comment: 26 Kristina Libby 12.29.08 at 3:02 pm

I published a blog in response to your post on our site: biztropolis.ning.com, that will run in a couple of days. But I wanted to thank you, this post was great and my 12 things to stop would be this:
If I had to write 12 Things to Stop Doing in 2009, they would be
1.) Stop watching the news 24/7. Nothing has changed since yesterday.
2.) Stop thinking about risky chances and just start taking them.
3.) Stop wanting to be an entrepreneur/small business owner and do it already.
4.) Stop saying you will travel the world. Flights to Europe just got a lot cheaper— anyone for the Azores?
5.) Stop thinking your company will succeed without a social media presence.
6.) Stop thinking that you don’t have to contribute to the discussion.
7.) Stop thinking that the world is going to come to your feet.
8.) Stop thinking you don’t have to work for it because he didn’t have to.
9.) Stop thinking economic recession means you are doomed to failure (see Iceland and geothermal warming).
10.) Stop thinking you don’t have what it takes….
11.) Stop believing that filling your life with things/meetings/work means you are living a full life.
12.) Stop. Stop reading. Stop doing. Stop wasting time avoiding thinking.


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I want what Lucy wants

>> 22 December 2008


I've been warned not to read this unless I want to quit-

>> 21 December 2008

well, I don't want to quit my work....but I am curious about the book...and so I read on.

The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Feriss: pp. 32
"Alternative periods of activity and rest is necessary to survive, let alone thrive. Capacity, interest, and mental endurance all wax and wane. Plan accordingly."

The heading to this mini paragraph is: " Interest & Energy are Cyclical." <-------this describes me about almost everything. Ahh...to feel known...and then to be loved past that knowing.

More to come later:

Also bought to read in the next few days or weeks or whatever....Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and The Dip by Seth Godin. Do you sense a theme? I do and oh how I heart a theme.


CrowsCouch first top TEN Real Estate Blogging/Social Networking/Technology all around YUMMY LIST

>> 19 December 2008

Because time is short…and there is so much information and because you can never remember where you saw that post you wanted to read later…USE this tool http://www.google.com/reader to keep track of all the feeds you come across that you want to read. You can star your favorites, share them with friends, be alerted to new posts, and most of all find what you were looking for! All of these resources have “subscribe” buttons….the subscribe button is your new BESTEST friend! This is number ONE.

2.  http://www.netamorfasis.com/real-estate/365-Real-Estate-Blog-Ideas From Netamorfasis- a site by Mary McKnight one of 2008s Sellcius top 10 Women Real Estate Bloggers for 2008.

3.  http://www.mytechopinion.com a go to starting point for Technology in Real Estate—a watering hole of many brilliant minds sharing their goodness with you.

4.  While you are at www.mytechopnion.com,  start by reading this post on having a tweet plan: http://www.mytechopinion.com/2008/11/organize-chaos-with-the-real-estate-tweet-plan.html I can’t stress enough about using your time wisely. The temptation for many of you (and ME) is to all of the sudden be in front of the computer all day convincing ourselves that we are “working/being productive” In ALL of these things, keep an eye on what your MOST important and money making tasks are!  (sorry gentlemen, NikNik is happily married to Reggie Nicolay the social media genius at cyberhomes.com

5.   http://www.cyberhomes.com/content/blog More content for our clients and customers…there is so much here you can contribute to your sphere. Oh and Agents….make sure your listings are showing up here! I know our KWLS auto feeds to this cool site.

6.   http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/ when it comes to marketing, well his bio page say it all and I quote:

    • writes the most popular marketing blog in the world;
    • is the author of the bestselling marketing books of the last decade;
    • speaks to large groups on marketing, new media and what's next;
    • and is the founder of Squidoo.com, a fast-growing recommendation website

7.   http://agentgenius.com/?cat=673  ok so I find many, many things on AgentGenius’ site and I find it cool that they are here in Austin, Texas, my hometown.  I chose the subject of “Coaching” because, DUH, that is what I do and can’t help be driven to drive your mind to resources other than straight real estate that include ways to become your very best self.  From the category of “coaching” aka=673…you can find the pure homepage and explore from there – you won’t be disappointed.  Again….a gathering of many minds and authors.

8.   I promise to get back to real estate soon…but don’t they say 98% of success is the mind. http://blogs.briantracy.com/public/blog/149495 Brian Tracy- well if I actually knew him in person I would say he was my HOMIE for sure. I was introduced to his books and thinking by my CPA and have never been the same since. Subscribe to his blog to consume good, healthy, life-giving mind food.

9.   http://www.problogger.net/ I have learned more about effective blogging and tweeting from this one site. @problogger was one of the first people I followed and the information and advice he gives is top notch. Excellent resources for the beginning blogger, and the experienced!

10.I'll finishing this list by Cheating—I wanted to limit my first list to TEN however as a bonafide information junkie I can’t let you not know that there is so much more out there. From http: http://blog.sellsiusrealestate.com/   is a link to the Inman News’  Top 25 Most Influential Real Estate Bloggers of 2008 (Sellsius Real Estate is one of the picks) These include Brokers and Agents, Community Blogs, Mortgage,  Housing Economics, Industry Commentary, Marketing & How-to, Company, Journalist, and Housing Bubble bloggers.

11.Ok…and I have to add myself and therefore broke the limit of TEN (if you know me I’m usually pushing the limits and breaking the rules somewhat anyway).  I’m not tooting my own horn, yet, but I have been sharing coaching thoughts with, like, 12 people who read my coaching blog (actually I think I have a whopping 26 readers). My own thoughts are there, and even more important, my passion for introducing you to all these other thinkers out there.  If you visit http://www.crowscouch.com, well, I’m just happy to be LAST on your list!

There are SO many I have left off this list….THIS time.  Don’t worry, I can’t keep my big smiling mouth shut and you may very well make the list next time! 




Regular or WOW

>> 16 December 2008

Of course the end of the year brings reflection time for many. I’m one of those delicious weirdos that reflects all the time. It takes work to keep one’s mind in check and be the best she can be.

Now, I am far from perfect (my husband, friends, kids, family etc. will vouch for that). I consider authenticity one of my best qualities. That being said, for no good reason at all I was overcome with this EXACT thought on Monday morning (I am always ON on Monday’ mornings, so for this thought to happen then—oh full moon).

Ok..back to exact thought:

“You know, Allison, you don’t have to work this hard…just quit striving and be
My midnight blue car nearly came to a screeching halt right there on Mansfield Dam bridge.
Who the heck wants to be regular? It is like that commercial for ttp://www.izonlens.com/why-wow/

The question is: Do you want to be regular or WOW?
Let's see what the dictionary says:

reg⋅u⋅lar: Spelled Pronunciation [reg-yuh-ler]
Show IPA Pronunciation –adjective
1. usual; normal; customary

Nope…Not gonna be me.

 –verb (used with object)

  1. to gain an enthusiastic response from; thrill. –noun an extraordinary success: His act is a real wow.
  2. excitement, interest, great pleasure, or the like: a car that will add some wow to your life.

And another side note from the original Scottish expression of WOW meaning: “overwhelm with delight or amazement”

Yep….I choose WOW.

I like to overwhelm my life and the people in it with delight and amazement. I like to have extraordinary success. I like to create excitement, interest and great pleasure in my life…. Especially in contrast to usual, normal and customary.

For me, this choice to strive for WOW at least most of the time is simply a source of pleasure for me. Having been given so much I want to squeeze every bit out and taste it all. The best part of all this striving and quest to be my very best, is that the messes and mistakes and failures are all a part of the make-up of the manifestation of my WOW. Some might say, easy on yourself, gal. No sense in trying to be perfect. Nowhere did I use that word….my belief is WOW can certainly have a savory measure of glorious imperfection.

The striving does not mean that I don’t rest or slow down either. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Slowing down, breathing, NOT doing, napping, and accepting (at appropriate times) less than perfection are absolutely part of the WOW.

Oooh…ok so I do think about this most of the time…and this end of the year reflection time, well, it just gives me a few more moments to really see the vision of what WOW looks like for me---and once again eliminates the option of just being regular, at least for me.

What makes you WOW?


Sharing Wendy Y Bailey with you

Another coach out there who shared her latest post on twitter today. We’ve discussed strategic planning a lot lately…and now, it is time to put it into action! Thanks, Wendy for posting.


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Time to Put Your Plan Into Action


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Clients Need to be Touched | Real Estate Magazine - Real Estate Opinion Column - AgentGenius

>> 14 December 2008

Clients Need to be Touched | Real Estate Magazine - Real Estate Opinion Column - AgentGenius

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6 effective ways to use Twitter as a lead generation tool : Joint Venture Marketing Coach - Christian Fea

6 effective ways to use Twitter as a lead generation tool : Joint Venture Marketing Coach - Christian Fea

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Are you Feeding your Brain with Junk Food?

>> 10 December 2008

What are you reading? What are you filling your mind with? What are you listening to in the car as you drive around town? Who do you surround yourself with? These things REALLY Matter.
What you feed your mind creates the thoughts that control your programming, thoughts, feelings and actions....and therefore the results. If you are not getting the results you are wanting...then work backwards to analyze where the break down could be. What actions are you taking/not taking? What feelings are behind the actions/inaction? What thoughts are behind those feelings? What programming is behind the thoughts?

When you read/listen to/expose yourself to great material, that if acted on, could bring out the best in you....then you are working on RE-wiring any programming that could be working against you rather than for you. The more you fill your brain with these thoughts...the more you re-enforce the behaviors that will help you become your best.

How many years did it take to wire your brain with programming that ultimately leaves you short of the results of desire over and over? So give yourself grace as you begin these practices....AND...trust me...the more consistent you are at filling your brain with the BEST, the more you will be come your best!

I'm with you in the endeavor to be the BEST version of yourself! KEEP ON!!!


‘Tis the Season for Kicking Butt | Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine

‘Tis the Season for Kicking Butt | Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine

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3 Step Formula for a GREAT Day:

My Forumula for a great day!

1. Read Something Great:
along with a few other books and sites online, have been reading the following lately: Awaken the Giant Within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!

2. Listen to something great:
Specifically Track 6 (listen here :http://blip.fm/profile/acflan/blip/1836302 Pay attention to the lyrics)

3. Hang out with Great People:

Mike Pourciau, Nikki Buckelew, some of the folks I follow on Twitter, my hubby, David White, my stepdaughter Samantha...and many, many more!


The Best Gift to Get at Christmas...but You Have to Give it to Yourself

>> 09 December 2008

I've noticed a difference between the agents who are working and showing up lately and the ones who have fallen off. An agent showed up today for her coaching session, with every reason in the world to have skipped. Her husband had some life threatening physical concerns and has just been released from the hospital. Insurance, Christmas, bills to be paid and a construction project mid-way--she still made time for her business and for her commitment to coaching.

Rather than using this "my husband could have died" as an excuse, she used it to drive her even more to make sure she was taking care of herself and her business and planning/prioritizing for the upcoming weeks.

I see many emergencies pull people off track...when really, the emergencies often really bring to light the face that staying on track is actually crucial. When one get's off track, they prolong the results...they prolong the end result they are working for.

Gary Keller calls it the BIG WHY. Anthony Robbins says the first step is to, "get clear about EXACTLY what you want." One of my coaches, Dianna Kokoska is always saying, "and what will that do for you....and what will THAT....do for you...." on and on until the REAL reason is uncovered.

This gift giving season, give yourself the best possible gift.....find out your BIG WHY. Get clear about EXACTLY what you want....and discover what having that will DO for you.....not jut financially...but emotionally and down in your spirit. Find out what NOT getting what you want will do to your life....what will be the outcome for you, your family...your spirit.

As my favorite authors, my coaches, my mentors and my heart and mind has shown me....KNOWING...that deep KNOWING...is the the best gift to have.


The Stand UP desk has be come the DANCE desk today!

>> 03 December 2008

Interesting phenomenon occurred today:

We moved in to our new building on Nov 1 and I have been using a stand up desk for various reasons (that is another entry due to time this morning).

Today, for the first time in while, I opened up my i tunes account to listen to the new Dido CD....and said stand up desk has become dance desk. Sweet....even better for my body and my mood!


Charlie Pikin's Tip for the day

>> 02 December 2008

Charlie has been one of the most productive agents in the KWLT coaching program. He is passionate, motivated and a true leader in our company! He also has an awesome wife Adrienne and little baby Ava. Here's his tip:


real estate and twitter....

>> 01 December 2008

Been exploring some social networking some...and how it can be used in real estate and to move forward in life.....below is a link to a great blog post by one of the people i follow on Twitter: twitter.com/nik_nik (aka @nik_nik) or (on the web at http://www.mytechopinion.com)


Make special note of @Nik_Niks Twitter Disclaimer

TWITTER DISCLAIMER: Twitter can spend your time like nobody’s business. So manage accordingly. Also, in the beginning you may feel compelled to add everyone who adds you. I did. But now I recognize the people I find interesting, helpful, hilarious or meaningful. Everyone else is getting “unfollowed”. Sorry, I can only stand so much noise.

and a fun video about how people use twitter (@Nik_Nik makes a cameo) :

How Do You Use Twitter? from biz stone on Vimeo.

Are you using any social media? how are you using it and what services? how does it help you? are there any draw backs? Let me know via comments.


can't is not in this boy's vocabulary

>> 28 November 2008


a bit of what I'm learning from my coach.

12 days ago, I hired a fitness coach and I've been consistent in meeting with him, and doing what he asks of me on my own.

Today, the day after not one, but two, glutenous meals for thanksgiving, I woke up sore from my last lifting session two days ago and headed to the gym. Tuesday, I'd been very specific with him about some goals and the relatively short time line in which to achieve those (beach vacation on December 26th-- something about looking a bit firmer in a bikini).

So the last two sessions have been completely different from the first two. The weights have been heavier, the reps longer and the rest in between shorter (and of course the soreness more intense). Tuesday my coach said, "You gave me a target and we are going to hit it." while I was practically killing myself under the weight of a barbell or something. Each set I was pushed to my limits, but I did not fail. I completed the work out...and YES, I felt completely better for the rest of the day.

Today, we started again. I should have at least done some cardio yesterday because it took me about 20 minutes to get warmed up in to the weights. Again, the weights were heavier and the reps were more. James, my coach, looked at me and said, "no matter what happens and no matter what you feel today, you WILL get through this work out."

Set after set was pain and pushing myself to my limit. I became one of those grunters and actually almost cried during some shoulder work. To be honest, I was ticked at how even a 5 lb weight could make me feel so weak. In discussing this with James, he said, "no one is strong in the shoulders and this IS hard." I felt a little better. I did finish the work out....shoulders, abs and all and I felt like a champion.

This is not unlike Real Estate or anything else one strives in for greatness and here is why:

1. The sense of urgency and need for quick results. I need to be bikini ready by dec 26th. Realtors need help clients and provide for their families probably sooner than that. There is no time to wait, and the long road won't get us there soon enough. (I use the example of conversion ratios with first year agents-- if it takes 125 contact conversations to generate one appointment with a buyer or seller...and you are only making 5 contacts a day.....it will take 25 weeks to generate ONE appointment. 25 weeks is just under 6 months...and I don't know about you...but I won't wait that long for results.

2. The intensity required for fail proof results. simply put....it will take hard work. It will take sweat and effort and possibly a little pain and tears. The pain is only momentary and with each reposition the actions get easier. I must do the exercises in a precise and repetitive manner....just like lead generation. I does take mass amounts of repetition and mass amounts of practice to be productive. It isn't always fun, but today, during the extreme pain from pushing my shoulders to their limits...I could see the end result and that pulled me through. See your end result when the repetition gets boring, or hard. Let the end result pull you through.

3. I wouldn't have done it on my own. Could I have done it-- maybe. but I know had I not had an appointment with James today, I would have probably rolled into the gym and done a short 25 minutes on an elliptical machine and gone home. I would not have been as intense or as focused with out him. I would not have taken the hard road EVEN though I know that the results would be better. How many times do you take the easy road even though you know the harder path will yield better results?

If you want results, take action on the plan you and your coach set up. Do the work, and push yourself past what feels safe and easy. Fight through the pain and the frustration. Trust the process and keep your eyes on the end result...it will come. And, "No matter how bad it gets, you WILL get through this....if you don't quit."


twitterwander led me to this cool coaching quote

>> 27 November 2008

.installed my new tweetdeck today. think it is my favorite twitter ap so far. following the links to various treasures, I came up on http://www.noomii.com.  an interesting concept and I haven't fully explored the site, but did come across this statement on their 'how it works' tab: 

“Of all the things successful people do… having a life coach is at the top of the list”
-Jack Canfield, Success Coach and author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Did you know that many of the world’s most successful people – actors, CEOs, athletes, entrepreneurs – have life coaches to help them achieve such enormous success? The fact is, the single most important thing you can do to achieve success is to have a coach who will motivate you, inspire you, and most importantly, hold you accountable to taking continuous action on your most important goals.


I heart MONDAYS ---really

>> 24 November 2008

I can't figure out why folks don't love Monday's.  I am at my PEAK on Monday mornings and I wish that for YOU too. 

I've had a weekend to rest and recharge....and usually I've done some reading that had led me to new thoughts I just HAVE to share. 

Today it is http://tickledbylife.com/index.php/keys-to-becoming-luckybeyond-belief/  really this is just another way of thinking and growing rich, changing your life by changing your thinking.   My heart is to truly practice these habits and thoughts...and to help others to do it in their lives. 

What do your Monday's look like?  Are you rearing to go and share your services with the world? Or do you dread the day?  What would have to happen to be in a state of the BEST energy you have ever had?  What can you do to create that energy and enjoy the benefits of today? 

Who are you surrounding yourself with? Is it positive thinkers who help encourage your habits of thinking abundantly, or are you actually filling your mind with weight and negativity that will drown you? Who can you seek out today to create magnetism and energy?

Who can you make feel special today?  What are you grateful for? 

I would love to hear some of your answers!   


charlie brown power hour

>> 23 November 2008


Are You Failing as a REALTOR? I Know Why - RealSeekr.com - Real Estate, Foreclosures, Social Networking, Real Time Communication

>> 22 November 2008

Are You Failing as a REALTOR? I Know Why - RealSeekr.com - Real Estate, Foreclosures, Social Networking, Real Time Communication

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see where this link leads you real estate heads



twitter vidder


Sold-in-a-week Home selling method

>> 20 November 2008

I've bee suggesting something like this for a long time....
and these people have put the systems behind it:


no really.....watch the video then DO it with your listings.


Inman News Tweet with a link

>> 17 November 2008

InmanNews News Story: Nine ways to dump your slump http://tinyurl.com/6n76dk from twitterfeed


I'm not fat so I hired a Coach

>> 16 November 2008

I am not fat. I have never been fat. I come from skinny people and I am a skinny person, tall too. I am the kind of girl that women hate because I am thin. We all know the saying, "looks can be deceiving...."

But I am NOT healthy. I am in a high stress, high demand, emotionally taxing position as a coach. I work even when I am not working. I eat at my desk barely chewing between bites of whatever is easy and fast. My office is far from my home and I spend much time sitting in the car in the stressful traffic. When I get home, it is dinner with the family and then usually exhausted I head to bed early, merely from a lack of energy. Even after a full 8 hours of rest, I don't want to get up, because I'm "tired."
When I do get out for fun I tire easily and have little stamina for any activity that gets my heart rate going. I have struggled with physical depression for the past 17 years. And for the last few years, I have gotten sick for at least 3 weeks straight during the weather change in the fall.

On the outside, I am a beautiful and vibrant woman, with the world at my feet....and I have been deciding for far to long to neglect my overall health, body and nutrition. I've started hundreds of times and chosen the pleasure of excuses time and time again.

I coach people for a living and as a personal passion filler. I work on my MINDSET and skills everyday. I push people to get out of their comfort zones in order go from regular to remarkable. I coach folks to recognize and eliminate and overcome limiting beliefs every day. I coach people to to build habits one day at time, that in the end will create a life time of greatness. I coach people to do what comes unnaturally so that they can have more than they ever dreamed...yet, in this ONE area I have made lousy decisions and regular excuses.

Because I believe in the power of a coach, because the rate of success is more if I have one, because even my husband, who works out regularly& eats healthy can't be responsible for this area of life, because I am determined to find the athlete in me again, because it unlikely I will do it on my own, and because I am deciding today to get help where I need it the most, I hired a fitness and nutrition coach...with the goal of making this exercise, strength and health thing a LIFESTYLE...

And I'm posting it here for my followers, and for other coaches, and for friends, and sending it to my 2 business coaches for accountability. I am committed and I need support, and health and above all affirmation...especially here in the beginning. My coach and I set the plan tomorrow night at 8:00 pm....

I am on the way to being my VERY BEST self, every day! See you at the TOP!

(did I mention that I'm afraid....I felt the fear my agents feel every day....I felt it there at the table in front of my new coach...James... I feel it now...but I am willing to tell the fear to sit down and shut up....I'm on my way to the top)


How being Sick Pays off

>> 14 November 2008

So I've had this bronchial thing the past few weeks and the last few days have been bad....so I've resigned myself to tons of meds and staying in bed. Not being one to sit still well, between Robitussin induced naps I have frequently checked Facebook. This led to thoughts of social networking (all the rage I hear) and so I Googled " Real Estate Technology."

My days are normally a scatter of coaching sessions, helping agents, updating reports, putting out fires, resetting my mind, helping agents, checking email and prioritizing returning phone calls, emails...etc.....little discipline during the day to focus on ONE thing. Being in work mode all day, I've kept my after work hours more-or-less sacred for my family and relating to them and not real estate or pixelated screens.

I've read a few interesting articles and followed a few tweeters on Twitter....I've previously posted an article I found that I thought was especially relevant for our agents right now (see below). I've connected a few fabulous agents here in Austin with each other...and I've introduced my agents to some of the ways others are actually using these social networking sites for business with some skepticism....

I know what a time sucker these social networking sights can be.....and then....PING.....I had a new message from a long lost college friend who lives in Fort Worth....thinking of moving and wanted my advice and wants me to refer her to a great agent I know and trust! So I'm seeing that if one actually uses their brain on these things....and posts their sites and ideas and thoughts ...business might actually come.

Now if I can figure out how to easily get this link to facebook, twitter, Share this and all those other thingies......


Five Ways To Kill Your Business! - RealSeekr.com - Real Estate, Foreclosures, Social Networking, Real Time Communication

Five Ways To Kill Your Business! - RealSeekr.com - Real Estate, Foreclosures, Social Networking, Real Time Communication

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Since I won't write, read this:

>> 13 October 2008

here is a complete list of my shared or starred items!


Yes....I'm busy these days.....not much time to write...more time teaching and coaching, and sharing and coaching.


Elaine's Item of Value for you all today

Elaine Garner is always so good at dropping items of VALUE on my chair. Today she dropped off a post from Brian Buffini's blog. I added him to my Reader and wanted to share his feed and this post with you.
http://www.buffiniandcompany.com/blog/syndication.axd <--link to his feed

I say: “You CAN control your activities and your attitude! You can choose the path of success and avoid the VICTIM trap. Please, Please, DECIDE to work hard and smart, avoid the excuses and create the results”

here is the link to the post i enjoyed so much and what Brian Says:


Check out your real estate skills

>> 04 October 2008


Results or Excuses

>> 29 September 2008

Last Thursday I was able to attend a session of Language of Sales with Dianna Kokoszka at the Southwest Market Center. I've had this class a number of times and again, learned something new. Here 5 days later, what is sticking with me most is this phrase:

"You can have results or excuses, but you can't have both."

I'm not sure this has anything to do with the actual skills of the language of sales, but it certainly does have a lot to do with staying in sales.

You have all read the news. You all have personal issues going on at home. We all have life happening at the same time we are running this thing called a real estate business. Buyers are this...sellers are that. The market this...the market that. blah blah blah....blah...blahblahblah.

Get over it. Decide if you are going to do this real estate thing and then clothe yourself in the mindset to accomplish the daily actions that produce results and then DO those actions.

Results take you closer to what you want to achieve. They move you toward your goals.
Excuses take you further away.
--> Is your mindset taking your closer to or futher away from your goal?
---> Are your daily habits and actions taking you closer to or further away from your goals?

Gary Keller says that real estate is a lead generation business. I agree, and would also say that it is a PROBLEM SOLVING business, too. All these excuses are merely problems. YOU are a highly skilled problem solver-- now go solve the problems and get the results.

If you choose results you will find the motivated and qualified clients and close the impossible deals.
If you choose excuses, you will be wining around the water cooler how you don't have any business because of this... or that....
So please....really, you don't have time to waste with the excuses. STOP being a victim, pick your line and then focus on it....stay on that line....and get the RESULTS.
So, in the words of one of my coaches, Dianna Kokoszka, what is it going to be?

Excuses or Results?

ps.....I really hope you choose results!


Fw: must read for your players

>> 07 September 2008

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

From: "Sam Chapman" <schapman1@austin.rr.com>
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 13:15:30 -0500
To: Allison Crow Flanigin<acrow@kw.com>
Subject: must read for your players

Hey Coach,


Here is a must read for the people on your couch:




Sam Chapman
Keller Williams Realty   
1927 Lohman’s Crossing, #102
Austin, TX 78734
Visit my
Austin Real Estate website
Read my
Austin Real Estate Blog


Double Capper Day

>> 29 August 2008

It was a double capper day today: and I am proud.
Charlie Pitkin and Pearl Jones both capped today.
  • Both were 100% committed to coaching for the entire term of our agreement.
  • Both ALWAYS showed up prepared and used our coaching sessions wisely.
  • Both failed forward many times...and both made adjustments and self corrected on this path of mastering real estate, lead generation, and client care.
  • Both have succeeded in these three areas. Charlie and Pearl were accountable to me, and to them selves.
  • Both invested in education, practiced scripts regularly, kept current with the market and both were RELENTLESS~!
  • They did the work it took and both are continuing forward with coaching.
  • They also both give back to our market center. Charlie is now a Master Instructor in our market center, and has already taught many classes and helped other agents. Pearl has taught technology and marketing classes in our office many times and has also contributor her humor and creativity in our office on many occasions!

Thanks for your hard work. You deserve the honor you accomplished today..... keep moving forward!


friday find

found this blog today.....good stuff. read....get real....use the info...and produce!


Become Highly Skilled

>> 07 August 2008

As a new agent, if you are looking to be in this business a year from now, I'd like to recommend a few key areas of focus....give you some tips on what to practice. You do practice don't you?

3 were inspired by page 208 in my Productivity Coach Game Book and the last two I added. Then, thanks to a Golf Pro in the coaching program, I came up with an analogy for executing the focus I'm going to recommend.

Jason-- the golf pro, described to me, that in training very good golfers to raise their scores, the coaching he did, was usually centered around minor adjustments in the fundamentals. With these small changes, and with practice of those changes, golfer could make huge changes in their golf game.

Real estate is no different. Agents often just pick up the tools and start playing. They may attend some training, or complete a few intro classes. They build lousy habits but are somewhat functional on the course.

the first 3 goals I'd like to suggest are to:

  • become highly skilled in Lead Generation
  • become highly skilled in Lead Conversion
  • become highly skilled in Client Fulfillment

and the last 2 I would like to add to those are:

  • become highly knowledgeable about the industry and market conditions
  • become highly skilled at maintaining and exercising the mindset of a champion

These key 5 fundamental areas will help build a long term successful career in real estate. The key is practicing each area every single day. At the end of the day, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I practiced and executed effective Lead Generation?
  • Have I practiced and executed effective Lead Conversion?
  • Have I practiced and executed a high level of client fulfillment?
  • Have I practiced and concentrated on my champion mindset?
  • Have I studied the market and/or learned something new about the industry?

No master athlete goes to the big game without hours and hours of practice to develop the skills. As agents, we need to practice--especially in our industry because game time could be at ANY moment.

Practice a little "round of real estate" each work day--concentrate on the fundamentals relentlessly...and see if your score doesn't get better.



>> 18 July 2008

Do you want to be in the RELENTLESS CLUB?

Now, before you speak up we need to discuss what it takes to be a member of this privileged group.
Relentless means: Unyielding, un-relenting, persistent, constant, enduring.
After some time coaching agents in this business, I have found one common denominator of those who "make-it." They are simply, relentless day after day.
In real estate being relentless can be broken down in to both Mindset and Activity.
A relentless mindset includes:

  • Finding satisfaction in the progress made from small daily steps instead of waiting for a big deal to solve everything.
  • Daily, purposing in one's mind one's visions and goals- taking time to specifically visualize them coming to fruition.
  • Daily controlling self-talk and allowing only thoughts that take one toward ones goals, not away.
  • Daily gratitude.
  • Complete focus- putting your mind and activities on 20% work, 80% of the time
  • Trusting that progress comes in small steps rather than leaps and bounds
  • Being willing to shake off a lost deal, bad day, hard client....and move FORWARD
  • Seeing failure as the best way to success

Relentless activities include:

  • Daily script practice
  • Daily contact with a predetermined number of people (for most people in the relentless club the minimum is 30-- for some it is 130) 5 is a good start...but it isn't relentless
  • Daily focus on the results you want to accomplish
  • Daily checks on the market
  • Daily follow up with current leads
  • Working consistently to build a strong foundation
  • Leading with revenue
  • Delegating 12$/hr work to a 12$/hr assistant
  • Completing the most important tasks first
  • Daily Lead Generation
  • Discipline to bring yourself back on track when you veer off track

Ok.....this is a start for you to consider. Consider if you are willing. If you aren't feeling relentless, or if you aren't being relentless - what can you do to move in that direction?

More on RELENTLESS CLUB later.....

It is the weekend...."everybody buys on the weekend."


Great Blog Article by Barry Owen READ IT!

>> 17 July 2008

origional post HERE since I published this from my reader

What is YOUR Zero to CAP Strategy?

My primary goal as a Career Development Coach for REALTORS (and Organizational Development Consultant) is to help each client DECLARE his/her definition of "CAP" . . . and to build a strategy to reach that CAP as quickly as possible. What I know is essential is an integrated strategy which INTENTIONALLY considers the Spiritual, Mental, Social, Emotional, Physical, and Business Well being of the "performer" . . . We simply cannot reach our goals unless they are well defined AND we are "FIT" for the challenge . . .

In the Keller Williams Realty world, the word "Cap" signifies the total amount of money that each associate must "split" to the company each year (Including royalties to the International office). This number varies slightly for each market center because all of them are independently owned and operated. In our Market Center, the number is $20,000 for a newly licensed agent . . . Why is this pertinent? In terms of annual production, we know that for a newly licensed agent to reach the cap (after which he she begins receiving 100% of every commission for the balance of the year) the volume of sales for the year will need to exceed $2,500,000.

Here are some thoughts to build strategy.

- The goal must be "Time Bound" - "I want to Cap in my first year" means that you've gotta sell ONE $200,000 every month . . . Wanna cap in 6 months? Sell TWO houses each month - or six $400,000 houses . . . Then enjoy the 100% commissions for the balance of the year :-)

I know - This is easier said than done . . . BUT . . . increase your odds of success by following the below.

- TIME BLOCK your days!

- Practice the MREA energy plan EVERY day (see my post a few days ago for details) - Wake up early, begin with Spiritual energy with meditation/prayer or simple silent thought . . . then FOCUS plan and calendar the day . . . Then EXERCISE even if it is just a 20-30 minute walk about the neighborhood . . . Then Hug Laugh and kiss your family and eat a healthy breakfast . . . Then LEAD GENERATE for 3 hours. Do ALL of this EVERY day.

- Develop your "Elevator Speech" . . . I've been on this band-wagon for a long time in my office and stumbled upon this article this morning (From the www.lowesrealtorbenefits.com daily email) http://rismedia.com/wp/2008-07-16/get-to-the-point-how-to-capture-prospects-in-under-a-minute/

- You've GOTTA be able to articulate in LESS THAN A MINUTE - WHO you are - WHAT you bring to the table - and the UNIQUE BENEFIT each of your clients reaps by choosing YOU to serve them.

- PLUG in to your office . . . Hang out there and talk to the active agents.

- On your way to the office each day, think of ONE QUESTION you will ask EVERYONE you see. Stay with that question all day and take good notes of responses . . . and then TAKE ACTION - Implement whatever wisdom you glean from this - IMMEDIATELY!

- Seek out 3 "Peer Partners" and get them to commit to meet with you (as a group) EVERY week for accountability - These are great people to work through your elevator speech with.

- DON'T FORGET WHO YOU WERE BEFORE YOU DECIDED TO BE A REALTOR! Honor your past and know that it is the foundation for your future. Gather knowledge and contacts from WAY BACK. You will find more leverage than you can possibly imagine to build a healthy business.

- NO WHINING! Every Time you catch yourself whining, you've gotta do "5 push-ups" (In my world that means you've gotta make contact with 5 more people before the end of the day - Our goal is 15 contacts EVERY day . . . Whine once, and you're up to 20 - Twice/25 etc)

- AFFIRM to yourself EVERY minute of EVERY day that you CAN do this. Doesn't matter to me that you just flew into town last week with only the clothes on your back not knowing a SINGLE person in town . . . Just get out there and be yourself and make contact with lots of people, and you'll be OK :-)

- Don't let yourself get mired in the details. BUILD YOUR DATABASE . . . We'll get to the details later :-)

- Don't be afraid of success. If you slip up and catch a client on your first day, set an appointment in your office and invite a seasoned agent (or your coach or Broker) to the meeting. There's no learning more valuable than "hands-on, real-life" training.

- LISTEN TO YOUR COACH . . . Don't even think about tweaking the guidance he/she gives you . . . JUST DO IT!

- BE HONEST! Don't fool yourself into thinking that you are working hard/smart if you are not . . . TRACK WHAT YOU ARE DOING and report honest numbers to your coach and accountability partners. You will only stretch yourself when you come from authenticity.

- Have a clear vision of WHY you want to succeed. Who will you "let-down" (disappoint) if you do not reach your goals? Create a "Vision Board" or scrap book with pictures of your success (Family, images of your "dream life", Things you desire) . . . Place this visual reminder PROMINENTLY in your office where you see it often.

ZERO TO CAP is NOT difficult. As with any effort worth doing, it requires a measure of discipline and personal accountability and commitment. Self integrity is the key. Don't let yourself off the hook because there is no-one out there who is going to do this for you.

I could write all day, but the clock says it's time to Hug, Kiss, Laugh and Play for a while . . . Time to wake up the kids and have some family time.

Are YOU gonna CAP this year?



Barry Owen
Career and Organizational Development coach/consultant
Principal Broker
Keller Williams Realty - Nashville, TN - Green Hills
Our "Flagship" Market Center is ALWAYS seeking great talent . . .
www.theowengroup.net - The Owen Group is a highly specialized team of residential REALTORS poised and ready to SERVE clients in Middle TN.


Crashes not good for productivity.

>> 08 July 2008

Usually once a week I come across an agent that has had a computer crash. Computer crashes are not good for productivity. Here is a link to 5 weekly admin tasks and back up methods to help you keep your sanity and productivity running in the case of a naughty computer.

Another tip for agents: take ALL emails, documents and online records pertaining to your real estate transactions and save them to a back up disk. One disk for each transaction. Make a copy for your client as well.

Ok....back to coaching.


Numbers-- Take a look at them regularly

>> 02 July 2008

I haven't always been the best with data...It isn't my forte...but it has certainly been a motivator at many times.
Data does tell us the TRUTH. I often go by feelings but feelings don't always reflect the absolute. For example. It was cloudy last night. It didn't FEEL like there was a fabulous sunset falling in the sky. There was. I just couldn't see it behind the clouds. The data on the clock, and long ago registered in my brain tell me with 100% certainty, the sun did set in the evening sky.

In real estate, I want to challenge you to get out the charts, your pencils and your big chief tablet and look at the data. Look at the truth of your business.

Are you doing better than you thought?

If you knew that you were one month and one deal away, from being the TOP agent for the month....what would you do to stretch to the TOP.
Are you thinking you are productive and working smart when, while you have been busy, you haven't really been effective? Does the number of appointments correlate sufficiently to the hours you spent prospecting? Are you really prospecting, or are you piddling? If you are prospecting and not seeing a return measured by appointments set, then you may need to work on your conversion scripts and skills....
Budgets....red light green light. Are you leading with revenue?
Ok... enough scattered thoughts for this afternoon. I'm taking a fresh look at my numbers. They feel a little flat to me, and I've re-set goals to push beyond my current ceiling. Izzy....you'd better watch out! Thanks for the competition...your numbers made me look at my numbers!


Seth's Blog and Superman

>> 18 June 2008

Today was an excellent full day. A two hour Agent Leadership Council Meeting but all good stuff. No coffee pot issues. Then, 4 rich and intense coaching sessions. Thank goodness for the 3:00 pm birthday celebration and delicious Boston creme pie dotted with M&M's. Life at KW....on to other interesting things:

I wanted to point you to a blog post (be sure to come back and finish reading) by Seth Godin called SUPERHEROS. I especially enjoy and relate to the last 2 paragraphs.

Crash Test Dummies (one of my all time favorite bands) also wrote a song about superhero's. Superman Song was the name of the song. Once, I heard a talk at an inner-city youth camp where I used to work about this song. It compares Tarzan and Superman. I won't go into the details yet, I'm curious to see what you hear first. Listen to the words carefully. Let me know your thoughts...really what message do you hear?

(bonus geek points for knowing who Solomon Grundy is without googling him..and NO that doesn't have anything to do with the message of the song).


Pick Your Line

>> 13 June 2008

At one point in my life, I spent a few summers trying to mountain bike. Now, being rather bike handicapped thanks to a major childhood bike accident that ended up in a broken jaw and 900 stitches in my face.....this whole bike thing was a challenge for me. I'm not usually afraid to tackle my fears....so off on the mountain bike I went.

I noticed that I was always HITTING the big rocks rather than avoiding them. I was also hitting the big potholes, too. Of course this didn't make for the best experiences on the mountain bike trails-- especially for someone who was prone to fall off bikes easily. You can tell my angst from the photo, can't you?

One day, during a bout of frustration and fear from hitting another big rock, despite focusing SO intently on "NOT HITTING THE ROCK," a friend told me,

"You keep hitting the rocks because that is EXACTLY what you are focusing on. When you say to your self, 'don't hit the rock,' that is what you do because your mind has fixated on that path."

I didn't understand. I was focusing on NOT hitting the dang rocks.

"Pick your line," he told me. "See the line you want the bike to follow and focus on that line."

Sure enough, picking my line worked. Focus on what you DO want...not so much on what you are trying to avoid. It works. I'm much better at riding these two wheeled machines....and much better at getting where I want to go while having a smooth ride.

I find it is the same thing in Real Estate. Pick your line. Focus on what you want. See the vision, establish the path and head out.
Once you pick the line, the ride feels more like this:

Ok...so I have a little support here in holding my line....
.....maybe that could be like having a coach?


What are YOUR Dreams?

>> 09 June 2008

I spent the weekend reading: That means I showed up today fresh, inspired, and ready to roll. I showed up today changed. Change is good. Growth is good. Reading is good.

The actions of this business are truly important. The lead generation and prospecting is vital to your success. The continual skill building is crucial in setting one apart....but....I mean AND....DREAMS are where all that begins.

Have you thought about what your dreams are lately?

Here is my exercise:

Take an 8.5" x 11" paper and turn it landscape layout.

Fold into thirds making 3 columns.

Write across the top WHAT ARE MY DREAMS.

In the left column, take some time and write down as many dreams as you can. Small Dreams , BIG dreams, Work Dreams, Personal Dreams, Family Dreams, Day Dreams, Money Dreams, Health Dreams, Wealth Dreams, Life Dreams, Week Dreams. DO you have dreams you share with someone? Write those down too.

For some of you, it won't be easy to write these down. Some of you may not really have any dreams. Over the course of time and experience, many dreams don't get realized or get crushed. The feelings of dissapointment and loss keep us from dreaming to avoid the pain of loss.

You can move away from loss and fear (by not dreaming) or move toward discovering who you really are and what you really want/want to become.

I encourage you to risk starting to dream again. Dare to dream, and old friend used to tell me. As Jeffrey Gitomer says, "NO RISK--NO NOTHING!"

Back to the Exercise:

After you have your list of dreams, go back through and ask yourself this question first: What exactly do I mean by that?" and re-word your dreams to be as specific as can be.

THEN--> Go to the middle column. For each dream, write the answer to this question: "What will reaching this dream do for me?"

THEN--> Go to the last column on the right. Now, write down the answer to this question: "And what will THAT do for me?"

The goal is to really peel away the layers....examine what it is that you are really dreaming about.

When you find these things, my hope is that you will also feel the motivation from within that will move your feelings which will in turn affect your actions.

May all your actions move you TOWARD your Dreams.